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2020 World Construction Machinery Exhibition will be held in Changsha, China

Release Time: 2020-04-20


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2020 World Construction Machinery Exhibition will be held in Changsha, China
The 2020 Changsha International Construction Machinery Aftermarket Trading Conference (hereinafter referred to as the "Exhibition") will be held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 4 to 6, 2020. The epidemic situation has a period, the exhibition will be first, the excavator industry will show its confidence for the first time, find opportunities in the crisis and seek breakthroughs, and create a high-quality brand mining opportunity exhibition.

The 2020 Changsha International Construction Machinery Aftermarket Trading Conference is the first large-scale construction machinery professional exhibition in China's construction machinery industry after the epidemic has stabilized, and it is also the largest second-hand equipment trading exhibition in Asia. It aims to consolidate the "full chain" project with the construction of the aftermarket service system The mechanical ecosystem, using "international exhibition" to polish the business card of Changsha city, and "international platform" to seize the commanding heights of the global industrial chain and value chain.

As an important part of the 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition, this exhibition created a "1 + 5" subdivision model layout. The Changsha International Construction Machinery Aftermarket Trading Conference is composed of five activities-the third Asian construction machinery used equipment trading Conference, the third peak auto parts festival and commercial vehicle aftermarket expo, Changsha international construction machinery accessories production and marketing conference, Changsha international construction machinery special vehicles, heavy truck expo, the first Chinese main machine festival.
"The exhibition is based on the theme of" Building a Global Construction Machinery Industry Chain Ecosystem ". It consists of five parts: exhibition display, industry summit, production and sales transaction, on-site auction, and owner party. It will gather domestic and foreign construction machinery aftermarket manufacturers, agents, Leasing service providers, financial service providers, high-end technical talents, advanced concepts, and cutting-edge technologies are built into comprehensive exhibitions for the construction machinery aftermarket. "
construction machinery exhibition
Create a unique label to lead new development

As Asia's largest second-hand equipment trading exhibition, the exhibition covers a total area of 54,000 square meters, with an indoor pavilion and two outdoor exhibition areas, with 350 exhibitors and 20,000 professional visitors. There are many special zones such as second-hand equipment trading area, heavy-duty trucks for construction vehicles, and brand exhibition area for construction machinery accessories.

In the same period, summit forums such as the Changsha Construction Machinery International Industrial Chain Conference, the first China Construction Machinery Main Festival, the China Construction Machinery Leasing Association Alliance Conference, the new release of construction machinery remanufacturing technology, and the Changsha Construction Machinery Supporting Parts Park Symposium will be held. On-site bidding activities such as on-site bidding for second-hand equipment of international construction machinery, on-site trading and sales of supporting equipment for construction machinery, and one-year auction of commercial vehicle spare parts are set up. The first Chinese Owner's Festival will be composed of large-scale special music fireworks, a party of thousands of people, special shooting interaction, and the owner's talent show and other special activities. It will be held annually from 2020, making it a unique capital of the world's construction machinery. label.

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