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A 20-ton used Komatsu excavator model worth buying

Release Time: 2020-10-22


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A 20-ton used Komatsu excavator model worth buying

Recently, the editor of China Machinery organized several models of Komatsu 20-ton used excavators worth buying. Let’s take a look.


Komatsu PC200-6

Used Komatsu PC200-6 excavator

This machine was launched in Japan around 1995, and it became a famous machine because of its superb performance and flexible operation.

Komatsu PC200-7

Following the Komatsu PC200-6, the Komatsu 200-7 officially took over the position of the first machine in the altar, and firmly occupied the leading position in the sales rankings for several years! 

It fully demonstrates the admiration and love of the aircraft owners.

Compared with the previous generation model, Komatsu PC200-7 has a big improvement in all aspects, so it is still active and popular in the second mobile phone market, and the cost performance is very high. If you have a suitable machine, you must buy it as soon as possible.


Komatsu PC200-8

The PC200-8 weighs 19.9 tons to 21.9 tons, and the standard bucket is 0.8m³. It is listed as an improved version of Komatsu PC200-7, which means that it combines the advantages of previous generations of machines and also increases the user experience. Said it is very popular today.


It is worth mentioning that this model is equipped with the CLSS hydraulic system independently developed by Komatsu. The fuel-saving effect is very outstanding. You must know that Komatsu's fuel consumption is not low, so every liter of fuel saved is saved for the owner's wallet. money!


Komatsu PC200-8M0

The Komatsu PC200-8M0 can be regarded as the pinnacle of work. After being on the market for 13 years, it quickly became the ‘sweet potato’ that owners snapped up, and it became a model strongly promoted by major distributors.

The machine is fully upgraded from the PC200-8, and every important link has been greatly improved from the weight of the machine to the hydraulic system to the fuel-saving performance. Of course, in the second-hand market, the price of this machine is also rising by leaps and bounds. If you are shy in your pocket, it will be more difficult to get started.


Komatsu PC210LC-8

The Komatsu PC210LC-8 has a working weight of 20.9 tons and is equipped with a large earthmoving bucket of 1m³, which is suitable for earthmoving operations and improves efficiency. The engine of the aircraft is the same as the PC200-8, which is equipped with a SAA6D107E-1 turbocharged engine with a high power output of 110kw.

Do not accept rebuttal! A second-hand excavator worth buying must have it

The strengthened working device and rotary device are more durable. The cab with good sound-absorbing effect makes this machine a very favorite excavator.

Komatsu PC220-8

The Komatsu PC220-8 is also one of the most popular second mobile phones. The machine weighs 23.1 tons, comes standard with a 1m³ bucket, and uses the SAA6D107E-1 engine independently developed by Komatsu, but the rated power has reached 125kw, the power has been further improved.


In terms of component layout, Komatsu PC220-8's oil filter, fuel drain valve, fuel filter, and air filter are more reasonable in design, which is very conducive to normal maintenance. 

It saves a lot of time for the operator and saves a lot of trouble.


In the used excavator market, Komatsu excavators have always been widely sought after. From brand premium to performance to word of mouth, they are all outstanding, so everyone can focus on them.

The difference between the above 20-ton Komatsu machines is the year and price. Especially the PC200-8M0 is a recent and imported machine, and the price may be higher.