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Do You Want to Know the Work Mechanism of Used Excavator?

Tags: used excavator Cat factory price used excavator used excavator for construction2012-12-24

There are various kinds of excavators both in domestic and international markets, one of which is the used excavator or the second-hand excavator. It plays an important role in building areas, road construction, demolition, removing and so forth. It is the best choice for heavy duty work since it is more robust than the other tools. The used excavator has the same work mechanism of the new one, but has a lower price actually. So, you are advised to choose the used one actually if you want to save money. Here we will give you a brief introduction on how it works.

Let's begin with its power and drive. The excavator runs on diesel power because it produces a higher horsepower and it is stronger for heavy duty work. It has a strong engine power which is as strong as the engine of tank. The diesel engine can supply power and the control cabin can control the movement in forward and reverse actually. When operating your excavator, you can use pedals and levers to move the machine forward and backward.

Here comes the arm of excavator. It is attached to the lower part of the frame chassis. Are you confused how it works? Generally, its arm has 3 hydraulic pistons with chromed steel piston arms. There are also 2 sections and one bucket loader. Here comes the work of the two sections. The two main sections are jointed with a hinge actually. And one piston is attached to the first section and another is attached to the top side of the second section actually. The rod pushes against the arm and raise it when the first piston extends. You can use the second arm to raise or down the second section for more reach. And the function of the additional hydraulic piston is to make the bucket loader move back and forth easily to allow arms scoop and dig. As we all know that, used Hitachi excavators can scoop and dig conveniently and easily, which should be own to the arms actually.

There are a series of gears which function with the power received from the drive shaft. And the excavator tracks are stationed around the gears. The tracks of excavator can make the machine forward or backword straightly when it in gear. However, in order to make your machine to turn in arc, you should stop one track and put other one in motion in forward or backward. You also can make the machine in a tighter circle.

It is easy for you to learn how to use it actually. And it is easy for you to find a supplier of used Sumitomo excavators. Frankly speaking, we are one of the famous supplier of the used excavator in China and we have great reputations among consumers both at home and abroad. You can visit our website for more detailed information. Thanks for reading!

Used Hitachi Excavator EX200-5
Used Hitachi Excavator EX200-5
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Used Hitachi Excavator EX200-1
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Used Hitachi Excavator EX130-5