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Some Tips When Choosing Used Excavator


Generally there are some tips when buying used excavator for your reference. First look at the sign of the used excavator: make sure when the machine is produced, and whether it match the work time, there are some unscrupulous boss changed the work hours again, it should be working 10000 hours originally, they may change it into his 4000 hours, by comparing basic signs you can see, but it also have more unscrupulous boss who has changed both of signs and machine hours, this is the general staff can't recognizable how long the machine actually is used, the value is of the uesd excavator is unclear, too.

See appearance of the used excavator: working device whether it is cracking or other plus fixed plate, platform and frame have obvious welding material or not, driving floor glass with or without missing and deformation; Whether the hood to cover has any deformation, these structural problems sometimes really serious impact on working, also you should see the attachment pipe is used or not, some machines used original accessories tubes of a hammer, it is the machines in road at ordinary times you see "boom boom boom" almost smash the road, if got this kind of hammer, the value of the machine will down, pay attention to, the value will reduce a lot than the excellent uesd excavator!

Look at the engine of the excavator: if there is any oil leakage of used excavator engine block ,if yes, you have to see in what places? Some in the cylinder head, some in the fuel injection pump, some of them in cylinder mouth, some of them in machine sump, some of them are near the line filter, generally speaking it always can recover, but those which in cylinder mouth and fuel injection pump is difficult to repair, it is not can't repair, it is too cockamamie to deal with it by the common people, and you should have a look at if there is dust in the radiator surface, fan outrigger position is normal or not (usually exposed a third), if radiator has too thick dust, the fan exposed too much or too little, it is likely to lead to temperature and oil temperature is too high.

See hydraulic system of the used excavator: pump body with or without leakage, rotary motor, distributing valve, motor, the guide system and so on, these are the key to the whole hydraulic system, generally, the machine work thousands of hours, if don't maintain well the machine will have the thicker dust in internal, to observe the dust is dry or wet, if it is wet, in can prove oil leakage, you should clean it carefully, work for a period of time, then wipe with dry paper and then you can know whether the oil spill, in general rubber hose joint leaks are relatively easy to solve, replace the sealing ring and it will be ok, but the pump body, valve body and motor body internal leakage is difficult, in this case, the value of this machine will much lower than the excellent uesd excavator! If you can pay attention to the above mentioned tips to choose used excavators, you will find the suitable used excavator for yourself.