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What are Used Excavator Caterpillar Track Tasks?


The following are the tasks of the used excavator caterpillar track. Excavator material is mainly after pre loose soil, coal, sediment, and the soil and rocks. From the point of the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of the excavator is relatively quick; excavator has become one of the main engineering machinery in engineering construction. Excavator is the most important three parameters: operating weight (quality), engine power and bucket volume. The common used excavators includes power unit, work unit, slewing mechanism, operating mechanism, transmission mechanism, travel mechanism and auxiliary facilities, etc. Transmission mechanism by the hydraulic pump of the engine power is passed to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder actuators; promote the working device, so as to complete all assignments.

The most important part of the used track excavators is the caterpillar track. Caterpillar track is a machine that guarantees the running of the machine. The composition of caterpillar track bogie wheel is used to support the weight of the used excavator and caterpillar track. It is composed of wheel hub, wheel, tape, ball bearing, wheel cover, fixed nut; wrap oil baffle cover, etc. The more the bogie wheel is, the better the used excavator works. And this will improve the performance of the used excavator. When the engine power is on the driving wheel, driving wheel treads upon clockwise, and then made the interaction force between grounding crawler and the ground. According to the principle of force of action and reaction, the caterpillar track will reflect force along the horizontal direction to the ground, and the ground will act a counter force to the caterpillar track, the reaction to excavator movement, is called the traction of excavator.

The power of engine power comes out constantly by the driving wheel, driving wheel is constantly moving to make the caterpillar track move. So in the process of advance about the used excavator, on the one hand, the caterpillar tracks were spread from the idler roll down to the ground, and pressure under the forward rolling road wheel; On the other hand, the last road wheel rolled tracked by the driving wheel roll up, so it is a circle, forming an excavator to laying track, and it is a mechanical digger runs where went to the shop "unlimited”. When the used Caterpillar excavators in forward or backward process, the caterpillar track moves constantly forward or after the exercise, such as used excavator's own way, the caterpillar track sets up for used excavator road continuously.

Application caterpillar track is mainly used in special vehicles, special mechanical applications. The characteristics of military industry, special vehicles and machinery are the use of the complex terrain, multi-function, bad environment, so the caterpillar track is very useful in all the situations.