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Several Ways to Value Used Excavator?


Make a purchase of a used excavator instead of a new one can save a lot of money but bring a great deal of benefit. When one is ready to buy a used excavator, he should know some ways to value it so that he can get the ideal used excavator at a rather low price. Briefly speaking, value used excavator can be a very simple thing. You can value it only from the operation lifespan. In China, the planed lifespan of engineering machinery is 10 years and 2000 hours annually. Under normal circumstance, the overhaul life of engine ranges from 10000 to 15000 hours. And the lifespan of oil hydraulic pump is over 20000 hours. And other parts like hydraulic motor, gear case and main control valve have a longer lifespan. That is to say, they need no reparation in 5 years.

According to the present deprecation regulation of common equipment, deprecation of excavator is 20 percent in the first year, 15 percent in the second year, 10 percent in the third year and 5 percent in the fourth year. However, after the fifth year, the used excavator will required some reparation for that some part would be burnt-in or for some normal wear. In such cases, the deprecation rate of the used excavator will be stable at 5 percent or even lower.

Within the development of new technology and wear of the whole used excavator, the deprecation of it will be only 20 percent of the machine offer after ten years. And what should we pay attention in the process is the reliability of the equipment running time meter. If it is reliable, we can evaluate it by 2000 hours annually. If it is not so reliable, it should be adjusted relatively when doing the evaluation. When the basic price of the used excavator is settled, you also need to have some other adjust of the price for the one you are going to purchase. For that there will be some special situation which requires a lower price. For example, the appearance is normal or not, if the engine can be started up easily, if the smoke ejection is normal, if the main parts of it operate normally. These are factors affect the price directly.

If all parts of the used excavator perform well, there will be no adjusted price. If there is something wrong with the used excavator, you requires the seller repair it for you, the price should contain the expense of the reparation and the cost of the equipment. When taking all these factors into consideration and ways of valuing the used excavator, the price can be different from each other for the location of the consumer, the performance of the used excavator at a certain area and market information.