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The Application of the Used Excavator


Used track excavators as well as the used wheeled excavators are the two major types which are divided according to the different running ways of the used excavator. The wheeled excavator is able to put its caterpillar bands into rubber tires, which makes it has no differences with general vehicles. It is less flexible than track excavator because of the area limitation. First, its faster movement speed is able to increase the efficiency in the middle of operations. Moreover, the wheeled excavator can drive on the road like a normal vehicle, guaranteeing the safety as well as stability of the used excavator. In addition, the wheeled excavator can travel on the road without any damage. Although the working efficiency of a wheedled excavator is not higher than that of a track excavator, compared with expensive transfer fee of a track excavator, a wheeled excavator is on a favorable economic advantage when carry out frequent transitions. It is because of its mobility, flexibility, economic and efficiency characteristics that make a used wheeled excavator popular in engineering building and in maintenance engineering, highway traffic construction.

The used track excavators are powerful equipment and are suitable for exploiting mine with high intensity. The used track excavators have outstanding properties because of the advanced technology. In addition, they can reduce the security spending and improve production efficiency, as well as reduce production cost. What is the most important is that utilizing of the used track excavators promotes the safety level when excavating under the ground.

Another important application of the used track excavators is that its function in road building in urban and rural areas, especially in places with worse road conditions or wet pavements. Take CASE used track excavator as an example. CASE excavators rely on their intelligent control system to help to increase working efficiency. And their long-distance control system make them can be clear of the problem earlier. Gannan located in the south of Gansu province and it is the autonomous prefecture of Tibetan. And we all know that it is a place with rich mineral resources as well as natural resources. Thus, it becomes natural tourist attractions.

However, traffic condition there is a key factor that hinders its economic development. Thus, the restoring of a large amount of roads has a high requirement of very skillful equipments and technicians. But because of its high altitude and low temperature, there is large pressure to carry out road building. But the CASE used track excavators are able to solve this problem due to its high safety, high working efficiency as well as environment protection ability. At the same time, their discharge meets the requirements of the international standard, which will do less harm to environment.