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Tips for Choosing the Used Excavator


Compared with new excavator, the used excavator has absolutely advantage on the market. However, many people covet little advantages to choose used excavator with lower price ignoring the quality of the used excavator. Therefore, it is necessary to know some ways to distinguish the used excavator from the bad ones. Some experienced customers are able to estimate the quality of the used excavator at the first sight. Now, let us learn some tips to choose used excavators.

First of all, check the upper arm and forearm of the used excavator. Inspect whether there is any crack or welded trail on the excavator. If there is crack which proves that the early working condition of this excavator is a little poor causing the bad damage. Choosing this kind of excavator is money waste. And then inspect whether there are any bump traces of all oil cylinders. If there are, which process that the machine had been badly damaged earlier causing leak oil ceaselessly? Even if changed the new oil seal, the excavator is going to continue leaking during short period of time. Therefore, in the middle of choosing the used excavator, it is important to check the oil cylinder.

What's more, inspect whether there is wear on driving wheel, guidance wheel, thrust wheel, track roller as well as apron wheel. And check whether the chains are original. There is logo on the chain. If the information on the logo is corresponding to the information of the machines, then the excavator is original. And then check two walking motors. Inspect whether the rotate speed of the two walking motors are the same as each other. Track and all active wheels need to be inspected carefully as well. Prop up the machine checking whether there is wear on the thrust wheels. The engine is the heart of the excavator, so in the middle of choosing the excavator, it is necessary to check the engine carefully. When test run, it is needful to hear whether is noises of the engine and whether the power is strong and whether there is speed reduction in the middle of test run. It is possible to enter into the system to inspect whether the gas displacement is large. If the gas displacement is large, which proves that the engine has a long working period and it needs to repair in large scale. In addition, inspect whether there is blue smoke when start the engine.

Remember to check the rotation motor when choosing used excavator and whether the rotation is powerful and whether there is noises when rotating. And observe whether there is gap on rotation plates. And check the electric system to observe whether all circuits are in order.