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The Famous Brands of Used excavator


For large number of people who work related to mechanical engineering industry, Caterpillar, Keyes, Volvo and Sumitomo brands are all common for them. Once you look at these brands, you imagine is used excavator and other heavy industry machinery. While, these excellent mechanical engineering industries not only singly deal these kinds of mechanical products, but have extraordinary achievements in other areas. Since the emergence of used excavators, reasonably using machines will largely reduce labor intensity of workers. In this period, various brands of used excavators played an important role. Research and development of new technology, a series of measures of reintegration of international assets all make mechanical engineering more constantly changing. In these well-known brands, some gain great success in the area of mechanical engineering, some also opened new relevant business. Look at the back stories of these brands.

Taking about CAT, what most people think is used Sumitomo excavators firstly. Of course, CAT is a leading brand that more then one hundred's year in heavy industry in America, which has a good reputation due to its durable character. Moreover, CAT also plays a position in fashion, which contains one CAT shoe brand that symbolizes the professional and stolid spirit in American culture. This kind of shoe is wear-resistant. Keyes and Maserati are two important brands in Fiat. Fiat group was divided into two new parts: Fiat Industry Co. Ltd and Fiat Co. Ltd. Keyes belong to the former; while Maserati belongs to the latter. The former mainly engaged in used excavator, truck, agricultural machine as well as engineering machinery. The latter is mainly engaged in automobiles.

In 1977, Keyes purchased the first hydraulic used excavator of France Poclain, so at that time, which became the biggest used excavator manufacturer. Liebherr has become one of the leading manufacturers in mechanical area of the world, in which includes crane, hydraulic used excavator and loader as well as crawler- mounted used excavator and so on. Liebherr is not inferior like CAT this kind of international mechanical engineering giant on the base of advanced manufacturing of German, high-tech products and complete and rich production line. In the market of large-scale used excavator, Liebherr's products are more unique, in china, which can be seen in large mines duo to its excellent properties.

Volvo is a leading manufacturer of commercial transportation and architecture equipment, which mainly provides truck, coach, architecture equipment, vessel etc. In 2012, the newest D series of used excavator faced the European market, which was the new product that Volvo developed in order to satisfy higher emission requirements. This D series of used Volvo excavators provided more digging power due to improved engine power, swing torque and hydraulic pump flow, thus shortened the working time, especially in operating hard or stolid materials.