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The Accessories of The Used Excavator


Contains parts of the used excavator as belows. Standard big forearm, excavator extended arm, lengthen the forearm and so on. Also standard bucket, rock bucket, strengthen, ditch, grid, mesh, clean bucket, tilt bucket, thumb, trapezoidal bucket of the used excavator. The bucket hook, rotating hydraulic grab, hydraulic grab, grab clamp, wood grabber, mechanical gripper, quick change connector, scarifier. The accessories of used excavator quick connector, mining oil cylinder, the broken hammer, hydraulic shears, hydraulic ram, vibratory hammer, bucket teeth, tooth block, caterpillar, sprocket, roller.

Excavator quick connector of the used excavator also called quick change connectors. Excavator quick connector can quickly switch installation, a variety of configurations in excavator parts which can enlarge the used excavator to use scope, it can save time and improve working efficiency. The features of used excavator quick connector play important roles in working. Firstly, using the high strength material and using hydraulic controlled check valve safety device to ensure safety. The used excavator configuration without modification, don't have to remove the pin shaft can also change, so the installation is rapid, can greatly improve the work efficiency.

Between hammer and digging bucket without hitting a bucket pin artifical of using used excavator. It gently moves switch between 10 seconds to finish digging bucket and broken hammer swaps, time saving, energy saving, simple and convenient. And it is mainly used in often need frequent replacement of using excavator work device of the front end of the workplace, in the long-term use of a device is try not to install. Used excavator quick connector components products, the main body, activity card block, hydraulic cylinder, pin shaft and other parts. Excavator quick connector of the production process including blanking, milling, drilling, forming, welding, polishing, painting, assembly process and so on.

Used excavator quick connector is a special industry equipment accessories of used excavator, need special equipment to improve efficiency, high quality of work. Such as CNC plasma cutting machine, bevel edge milling machine, bending machines, welding displacement machine, boring machine, hydraulic test rig and so on. The accessories of used excavator cotains two major parts, the mechanical parts and electronic parts. The mechanical parts are purely mechanical parts to provide power support, which mainly includes hydraulic pump, grab, big arms, caterpillar, engine and so on. The electronic accessories are the drive control part of the used excavator, which is used to driving mechanical parts are reasonable work, mainly include the computer version, hydraulic flow controller, diesel table, fuse, ignition switch, vacuum pump and so on.

Mechanical parts and drive control parts of the used excavator are complementary to each other. Using electric control part to drive and coordinate all the mechanical parts effectively and don't ask, don't work, either. The situation of the mechanical parts by electronic parts feedback to electronic control parts, thus more effectively coordinate the efforts of the excavator, reached its maximum working efficiency.