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Development Trend of Used Excavators


All the time, the mainstream products of used excavator mainly concentrated in level of 20t and 30t. From 2005, small excavators present an increasing trend. Quantity of small excavators, like level of 10t, 5t and even smaller excavators have gradually close to or even more than quantity of big excavators. The reason mainly has two aspects. One is about the market demand. The market demand of small excavators is pretty strong in recent years. The other one is about operation guide. With the more and more mature manage of large-tonnage used excavators, its profit space is more and more small. However, the business of small-tonnage used excavators has just begun, its profit space is relatively large, so its operator will intend to guide the consumption of small-tonnage excavators. So its trend of rising is pretty large. Analysis of current market of Chinese used excavator:

1. Problems and restricting factors of current market of used excavators
Authoritative evaluation standard of used excavators is a cliche. As a result of this, there is no transaction price which is widely accepted. Although some companies develop their own standards according to some certain standards, it is difficult to attract extensive attention. It will rise the trading risk of used excavators, especially it goes against the replacement business. In Japan, there exists lots of online transactions in market of used excavators. The important reason of realization of security trading is everyone follows the authority standards of used excavator transaction. They post 16 photos which have a fixed format. They present an intuitive display of every angle, then addition some text explanations, a general situation of a used excavators is presented to every internet user, and the merchants' credit is very high. In this way, there will be no big risk of direct trade.

Secondly, lots of private transactions exist non-standard factors. It mainly brings problems of financial and tax issues. Because the subject of many private transactions is not business institution. Thirdly, the existence of vast private transactions block the formation of normative trading market of Chinese used excavator. This is also a knotty problem of free market. It needs the influence of management department, the guidance and supervise.

2. Used excavators' impact on the industry market
Firstly, used excavators' impact on the market will be shown in the sales of new excavators. Because China's market is growing pretty fast, even there exists a short supply of products. So in most places, used excavators' impact on new ones is not particularly serious.

Secondly, the development of used excavator business is bound to drive the development of repair business, renovation business and accessory market. Thirdly, used excavator business is important to its lease industry. It is an important link between lease industry and market. It also provides an exit mechanism for leasing companies, decreases its business risk. In the developed countries and regions, it has formed a chain from sales of new excavators, lease of leasing companies to sales of used excavators. Although the situation in China is different, the development of used excavator business is essential to the development of leasing industry.