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How to Evaluate Used Excavator


We need to find new methods to evaluate used excavators.Construction machinery market is becoming more and more popular in recent years. As a lot of new joint-stock excavators are entering the Chinese market, the contractors are becoming more and more unacceptable to the old excavators. This causes more and more excavators entering the used market in about 6000 hours. At present, domestic market of new excavators just enters into a specification growth stage. The used market which lies in the early stage needs a qualified trading rules to balance the interests of both parties. Although current used market still stays in a disordered state, the first thing needs to be solved is who has the qualification to decide the price of used excavators. Does the evaluation have a certain scientific basis? Can both parties accept the basis? If we can't solve these problems, the deal of used excavators will not be equal to both parties.

However, most of the current price evaluation of used excavators is to compare the type, status and service life period between evaluated excavators and recently-sold excavators. Evaluating the evaluated excavators' price by consulting the price of recently-sold excavators. Although this method is widely used, it requires the estimators to have a rich experience of used market, status of excavators and so on. Otherwise, there will exist a pretty big risk when operating. So we will need a sufficient research of how to control and evaluate the trading risk of used excavators.

Here we will introduce you another method. Although this method of evaluating excavators has a more complicated interoperability, it considers the service life period, working hours, actual usage situation, long-term working conditions, nature of work and many other factors which can influence the value of used excavators. Comparing the price among the same kind of new excavators of current market. Finally we can get more accurate statistics. When excavators have been used to its specified working hours, they still has a certain use value, so the use value rate cannot be less than ten percent. The calculate formula of this method is use value of used excavators equals reset price times used value rate times integrated debugging coefficient. The integrated debugging coefficient reflects different value between different brands of excavators. At the same time, the use-cost of every service stage of an excavator is not the same. The best usage stage of a new excavator stays in the early period. As time goes on, the depreciation space is getting smaller, and different clients have an identity difference on the value of different brands of excavators. From the above, in order to make the evaluated price of used excavators to have a higher credibility, we need to amend it through integrated debugging coefficient. Determining the modification value needs everyone's understanding and experience.