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Details We Need to Know When to Buy Used Excavators


Use excavators are easier to have a breakdown than new machines. If you don't know about excavators very well, being cheated is evitable. Here we will let you know the details you need to know when buying a used excavator. Firstly, if you want to buy a used excavator, you must invite an experienced person to help you checking and testing the excavator. Secondly, when buying an used excavator, don't get confused by the low price. This implies that something is wrong with the excavator.

Appearance is the first we can see when buying, so does the excavators. Experienced users can estimate the service condition, degree of wear and so on. Next we will introduce the parts we should look. Firstly, the excavator's arms. Observe if there are cracks or traces of welding on the arms. If there are cracks on the arms, it proves that the environment that the machine works is poor and the machine itself is severely damaged. It will be hard to deal with.

Secondly, engine is the heart of an excavator. So when buying an used excavator, you must examine the engine carefully. The noise and power are the two important elements you should notice when testing. In the meantime, you should pay attention to the displacement. If the displacement is big, it implies the engine's working hours are long. It needs to be repaired. In addition, observe if there is blue smoke when starting the engine. This also implies the engine needs to be repaired.

Thirdly, we also need to check the rotary motor when buying used excavators. Observe if there is noise when rotating. If there is, we should notice where it came from. Because of the distributor's function, we should also observe the distributor carefully. Fourthly, hydraulic pump is the power of the hydraulic system components. It supplies power to the entire hydraulic system. So inspection of hydraulic pump is very important. Inspect if there is crack on it and observe if there is noise and power when testing. Finally, check the electrical system to see if the circuit can work normally. Then check the mainboard in the computer system.