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Promote the Development of Mini Used Excavator Market


The development of mini used excavator is mainly dependent on the city construction, the city renovation and construction have more requirements on short construction time; and the influences of construction machinery on the surrounding environment be safe, low pollution; the construction machinery should have small turning radius, convenient transportation and has coordinated with the view of the city appearance and so on. Here are the factors to promote the mini used excavator market.

1, the extensive applicability of micro excavator
Mini used excavator has the advantages of small volume, flexible, excavation, and is very suitable for all kinds of pipelines digging, urban basic construction, utilities and housing repair work. Designs of mini used excavator's compact volume, and their special operations designs able it carries out construction in environments there large excavator can't.

2, mini used excavator be multi-functional
The real advantage of mini used excavators is its versatility. Because of the hydraulic power system, mini used excavator can install many auxiliary equipment, such as the installation of hammer, the hydraulic clamp used for the demolition work of lightweight, mounting clip refers to clamp for cleaning operation, installation of cylinder, plate ram used for landfill compacting groove, installing rotary drill for drilling holes, hooks for lifting heavy objects etc..

3, mini used excavator has the advantages of being convenient for transportations and to transfer the working site
Micro excavator is convenient for transferring between each construction site to another without large trailer or truck to transport. This is not just convenient for transportation, but also can greatly reduce the transportation cost of the machine.

4, the distinct operation characteristics of small excavators
The design and application of tail turning radius to zero, makes the mini used excavator can work in the environment of limited working space and the excavator operator does not need to consider whether there are obstacle in the construction site when rotating excavator. Thus, enabling the operator to concentrate more on bucket operation, it also prevents damage to the construction site and its surrounding buildings and excavator itself. The most important feature of mini used excavator for narrow region operation is the boom and arm design. The moveable arm is hinged with the mini used excavator; this has enabled it to swing in a big range. This design makes the excavator avoid the obstacles to work without regular mobile of fuselage. At the same time, it also facilitates the excavator doing mining operation beside the wall or fence. Rubber track in mini used excavator is helpful to reduce construction damage on narrow construction within the scope of the regional landscape and road.

5, high return rate in low investment
Micro excavator is cheap in price, and cost recovery quickly. Take the 6T class micro digging for example, America, Europe, Japanese brand price at around 400000, the domestic price of the machine in 300000 ~ 320000; while the 20t level middle digging prices in 700000 ~ 1000000. In general, the mini used excavator at 1.5 ~ 2.0T can replace about 6 adults with a shovel and a cart in small earthwork; mini used excavator is not only high in efficiency, but low in operation cost. So, it has very strong competitiveness in the small earthworks. Even in second hand markets, used excavator is welcomed by customers. A higher rate of return on investment makes mini used excavators welcome by contractor of small and medium-sized earthworks construction. It is precisely because these characteristics that mini used excavators can have opened its extensive market and get rapid development. With those factors, the mini used excavator market will develop faster.