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A Simple Description of Main Parts of Excavator

Tags: hot sale used excavator high quality used excavator2014-02-13

The maintenance of used excavators plays the most important role in increasing working life and decreasing the cost, furthermore, a clear picture of the compositions of used excavators helps a lot, which is always ignored. Although excavator is a huge monster, which seems to have complex compositions, constitute of used excavators can be clearly understand when excavators are separated into three main parts: the working device, the upper turret and the travelling mechanism.

When it comes to the working device which includes the swing arm, bucket rod, bucket, hydraulic ram, connecting rod, pin roll and pipeline, the principle of the working device is that the chemical energy of diesel is converted into mechanical energy through the fuel oil purifier and then mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy through hydraulic pump meanwhile hydraulic energy is distributed into different running parts where hydraulic energy is amazingly converted into mechanical energy, which is aimed to accomplish the movement of working device, rotational motion of revolving platform and the walking motion. The backhoe is one of working devices usually used, where the swing arm, bucket rod and bucket are hinge joint each other and swing around hinge joint under the effect of hydraulic cylinder. On the other hand, the hydraulic busters, which are widely used to pile and excavate tundra and stratum by converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, are also popular.

In terms of the upper turret which consists of the engine, hydraulic system, cab, counterweight and fuel tank, the most import part is slewer which includes the turntable, slewing bearing ad swing mechanism. Slewing bearing is taken advantage to support turntable and swing mechanism is utilized to drive turntable so that turntable, which can never turn over and must quickly turn, is supported in a fixed part. Slewing bearing with antifriction bearing is widely applied to hydraulic excavators thanks to its small size, compact structure, large carrying capacity, small friction and easy maintenance.

The last part is the walking device which has two functions: support and operation. According to its functions, the walking device should have large driving force, which allows excavators easily walk, climb and turn around on the mild and wet ground or rugged road, big area of support but small ground pressure in order to improve the stability, suitable size according with the requirement of road operation and no gliding or slipping on the slope to improve the safety of excavators. Working device, the upper turret and the walking device constitute a used excavators which is really needed to take care of and the clear picture of constitution is a great help for workers to rapidly find where the stoppages, which is not merely decrease the expensive cost of mistaken repair but also improve the efficiency of the work. In the other words, as the old saying goes ‘time is the money', improving the efficiency through the clear picture of constitution is another kind of way to decrease the cost. Needless to say, a clear picture of constitution of the main parts of the used excavator is extremely important.