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Using Used Excavator Be Careful!

Tags: excellent used excavator low price used excavator2014-02-12

Because it is used excavator, you need to consider the following safety tips when using it. Although used excavator highly responds to the appeal for green and sustainable development, thanks to its repeated use property, it would cost a lot on repair without careful use. Used excavator, as large-size construction machinery, must be correctly and carefully used, regardless of its own value or the efficiency of use. A correct and careful use cannot only amazingly increase the use life of used excavator but also surprisingly bring us a huge fortune.

In general, when used excavator enters the complicate construction site, drivers should firstly survey the geology of working ground and circumstances of surroundings and make sure that no large-size block within the swinging radius in order to avoid unnecessary scratches and damages of used excavators. Furthermore, ban anyone from standing near to the bucket or on the arm and the track to prevent personal safety from being harmed and make certain a safe and normal work after the engine of the used excavator starts working. Similarly, no worker is allowed to play, work or stay in long time within the swinging radius or under the bucket, and, except drivers, no one must not touch any parts in the work room in order to avoid damage of equipment and hurting people around. What is the most important is that drivers must be seriously working, who are not allowed to drive when being out of order or even being drunk. All in all, when used excavator is working, an undisturbed environment and a level-headed driver are surly needed?

When it comes to effective method of digging, the digging force becomes the biggest when bucket and connecting rod, stick rod and bucket rod are formed right angles each other, while the soil cutting resistance is the smallest when the bucket tooth and ground are at 30 degree each other. What's more, the moving area of bucket rod must from 45 degree in the front to 30 degree in the back meanwhile using the swing arm and bucket can amazingly improve the efficiency of digging. In terms of the special specific situation, digging rock, although using bucket to dig hard rock does harm to the used excavator so that we should not utilize it, sometimes workers cannot help but use the bucket when facing the hard rock. Thanks to severe harm, workers should adjust the position of the body of used excavator to lead to bucket smoothly digging into the hard rock, according to the direction of flaw of the hard rock. On the other hand, inserting bucket tooth into the flaw and then using digging force between bucket rod and bucket is the better way to dig hard rock. Note that workers must make sure all hard rock have been broken before taking advantage of the bucket.

Generally speaking, the safety tips for using used excavator is useful. After all, a safe environment and a level-headed drive are needed when used excavator is working, moreover, drivers should correctly use different parts of the used excavator to not only lead to used excavator maintaining great circumstance but also improve the efficiency of work, in some special specific situations, such as digging hard rock and so on.