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Daily Maintenance of Used Excavator

Tags: used excavator bucket original used excavator2014-02-12

In order to make sure the used excavator works efficiently, you need do daily maintenance to it. Used excavators are the main force of engineering machinery in the construction of earthwork, which have widely use, perfect function, big digging force, convenient operation, and so on, and are usually utilized in the base constructions of transportation, water conservancy, motive power, port and mine. What's more, used excavators play more and more important role in the construction, which do not only help speed up the process of the construction but also increase the time of relaxation for workers. With the increasing sales volume and the enhancive inventory of domestic excavators, the number of maintenance of used excavators is rapidly increasing. Furthermore, maintenance of used excavators do not merely decrease the possibility of defect but also increase the operation life of excavators, besides improving efficiency and reducing cost of work, which depends on good management of fuel, varnish, water and air.

In terms of good management of fuel, workers choose eligible fuel of different brands, according to temperature. Inferior fuel with large amounts of sulfur do severe harm to engine while diesel mixed with impurity, dust and water rapidly abrades fuel pump. Moreover, drivers should add fuel to fill the fuel tank to avoid water-drop happens on the wall of fuel tank after daily working, and drivers must open the drain valve to turning on the water. When it comes to regulation of engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, oil of diverse brands and levels cannot be mixed meanwhile cleanly using oil should be made sure, prohibiting sundries, such as water, dust and so on, from dropping into the oil. The temperature is the vital determinant of choosing oil: engine oil in high viscosity is used when temperature is high while engine oil in low viscosity is utilized when temperature is low. Furthermore, the viscosity of gear oil must be high in order to comply with amazingly heavy transmission loads, to the contrary, the viscosity of gear oil must be low, which is aimed to increase the resistance of liquid movement.

The management of varnish is the king point of maintenance of used excavators. Varnish can reduce the possibility of abrasion on the surface. Note that dust, water, sand and other impurity are not allowed to be mixed with varnish when varnish is deposited in the tube and used varnish should be entirely extruded and cleaned, avoiding adherence of sand when varnish is being added. The maintenance of filter element, which plays an important role in filtering impurity in oil-way and gas circuit meanwhile banning impurity from intruding into the external of parts, can never be ignored. The native filter element is preferred; furthermore, various filter elements must be changed in specific time. Workers should pay attention if there is any mental sick to the old filter element and then carefully diagnose the condition of the used excavators and taking action to improve the condition when changing the ole filter element.

Generally speaking, the management of fuel, engine oil, gear oil and hydraulic oil plays an important role in the daily maintenance of used excavators but filter element also should be taken good care of. A carefully daily maintenance is not merely reduce the cost but also contribute to green and sustainable development.