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Hitachi Excavator the King in the Market

Tags: competitive used excavator used excellent excavator2014-02-11

It is the advantages of the Hitanchi excavator that make it be the king of the market. From 1955, when Hitachi Excavator established as a key to the quick development of constructive machinery and took first step as a real factory of constructive machinery, till now, Hitachi Excavator has been facing us for more than 50 years, experiencing difficult origin, quick development, diversified expansion and crazily creation. Faced with other different kinds of excavators and environmentally- friendly used excavator, which highly responds to appeal for green and sustainable development, violently competing in the limit market but with huge profit, Hitachi Excavator is still occupying the biggest part of market and advancing without blocks.

Innovation is the most obvious advantage which used Hitachi excavators is always pursuing. In the past 50 years of developing history, Hitachi used Excavator has been continuously creating highly reliable and surprisingly durable products in high quality and safety by individually researching and taking advantage of advanced producing technique meanwhile, with the rapid increase of customers' requirement, research and development of Hitachi used Excavator has been becoming more and more important, not only putting the fundamental research on improvement of basic technique into force but also devoting itself to the applied research on productiziation of technique in order to satisfy requirement from next generation. For instance, Hitachi Excavator invented supersized excavator EX1800 weighing 175t and supersized excavator EX3500 which had the biggest weight, 328t, of the whole world in 1987, following the sale of EX100, EX120, EX200 and EX220 in 1986, which was amazingly improved the outstanding achievement of Hitachi used Excavator and sped up the difficult development of construction, though, a totally complete modification was taking into force on the series of EX hydraulic excavators which has achieved a lofty evaluation and started the sale of the series of ZAXIS machinery, which had improved its fundamental properties, such as digging force, and large decreased the fee for maintenance, moreover, on which the standard function that the information of operation as data was input to the computers had been fixed.

Used Hitachi excavators does not only focus on the improvement of excavators but also continually breaks through other various areas, from areas of construction and building to areas of resource exploitation, demolition, forestry, waste disposal and post-disaster reconstruction, creating and providing brand-new value, based on the surprising actual performance and amounts of experience. For example, Hitachi Excavator provided vehicles utilizing to clear away rubble and sand. When serious disasters happen, this wonderful vehicle can effectively clear away sand blocking the advancing steps to make sure the emergency roads are unobstructed which is in favor of quick rescue operation and quick action of emergency rescue troops. Furthermore, the excavators in the high quality and safety, which are not promised by used excavators, are the world-known symbol of Hitachi Excavator. As we know, the motto of Hitachi Excavator is ‘the spirit of picking up ear from ground' so that Hitachi used Excavator tests and verities accidents and stoppages which have been taken countermeasure on in depth once again, finding inner reasons to completely prohibit from happening again. Based on the spirit, a customer-first system of quality assurance is established. ‘Made by Hitachi' is a firm promise of the quality from Hitachi used Excavator by launching the program of global quality assurance, a uniform institution of affirming accessories and a measurement of the level of quality, to promote improvement and education of quality.

Innovation, breakthrough and quality assurance are three main advantages of used Hitachi Excavator, which has continually sped up the progress of the company. What's more, although Hitachi used Excavator is standing in the highest place in the market of excavators, it never forgets its principle: do as the guy picking up ear from ground, innovating, breaking through limit and being in high quality without stop. I deeply believe that Hitachi Excavator will be the king of the market of excavator, if it continually keeps on its fantastic principle.