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How Fantastic Volvo 360BL is!

Tags: good condition used excavator good used excavator2014-02-11

For the response to the urgent appeal for green and sustainable development, used excavator become more and more popular among people working on the construction. Volvo 360 BL used excavators are widely chosen thanks to its fantastic features. The safety of Volvo 360 BL is earnestly promised thanks to the core value of Volvo, safety. The anti-skidding ladder and platform are used punched steel plate, leading to excellent effect of skid resistance, even though under the circumstance of freezing, and so on. What's more, wheel base between the guide pulley and driving wheel is dramatically stable and the sunken bolt in the upper walking assembly area is aimed to reduce danger of tripping. The most important property of Volvo 360 BL is that the paint used in the surface is without lead and the fantastic excavator has low level of engine emission and noise, which accords with the strict require of environmental protection.

How to build a comfortable working environment is the goal which Volvo is always going after. As a result, Volvo 360 BL is the latest achievement of Volvo in this area which is coming into our view and surprisingly changing the hard working environment. The principle of ergonomics is widely utilized in the control system which is in the large and comfortable cab with lenient and adjustable seats supporting the whole back of workers and electronic air conditioning system for quickly making warm or cool. Moreover, overhead windshield wiper covers extremely large area, reaching the upper left corner and the upper right corner so that worker can have a clear view even in the day with powering rain, and damping device is used to stop workers from appearing tiresome in the whole work day.

Innovation is the firm spirit of Volvo so that used Volvo excavators 360 BL is quite improved. The design of bottom service is simplified for more normal working time and gathered lubrication point is much easier to approach. And compared with other excavators, Volvo 360 BL is quite easier to learn and operate and more easily used to accomplish more and more work. Furthermore, Volvo never forgets to make certain higher quality. The frame, the big arm, the small arm and the upper assembly are all strengthened to reduce the possibility of being worn out, while the caterpillar chain is lubricated and sealed to avoid leaking and promise long using life.

The most appealing feature of used Volvo excavators 360 BL is its energy-saving property and environmental protection. An amazingly effective engine with marvelous power but low consumption of oil is taken advantage of, which is perfectly matching with hydraulic system having guide ability, every part and advanced design. Generally speaking, used Volvo excavators 360 BL has all surprise features of Volvo 360 BL, being safe, creative and comfortable and in high quality. However, thanks to the low sale of Volvo excavator, the service system of Volvo is not perfect, leading to low efficiency of repairing. Considering all features of Volvo 360BL, customers should be careful to choose Volvo 360 BL used excavator, which is seemly brand new or has no problem so that they can enjoy an easy and comfortable working time.