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Hitachi Excavator Developing Steps

Tags: used excavator attachments good quality used excavator2014-02-10

Nowadays, with the quick development of modern society, especially improvement of construction, excavators play an extremely important role in the construction of society and used excavator become popular, for response to the urgent appeal for green and sustainable development. Focusing on great sale and huge profit of excavator industrial, different brands of excavators are fast coming into our view, with environmentally-friendly used excavators also not occupying the small part of the market. In the quite competitive market, one of Japanese companies beat all violent competitors and continuously stands in the highest place of the excavator industry. The Japanese company is Hitachi Excavator.

1948 is the most vital year for Hitachi Excavator, when the department of the design of carrier and the department of mining machinery of former Hitachi received a strange order form of mechanical excavators from the Ministry of Construction, which led to beginning the original production of excavator. The former Hitachi work days and nights to improve the various properties of excavators, causing a huge success in 1949, when excavator U106 came onto the market and created a violent storm in the development of construction with its stunning sale. Not until 1955, did former Hitachi set up Hitachi Excavator, the key to machinery development, taking a step towards a real construction machinery industry. With the widely influential promotion of Iwato Boom and Jinmu Boom in Japan, Hitachi Excavator amazingly promoted a huge leap and laid a stable foundation for the future from 1955 to 1958. In 1965, excavator UH03, which was the first hydraulic excavator made through entirely domestic technique, was sold and since then, the number of running excavators had been up to 4000 meantime the capital fund of Hitachi Excavator had rose to 600 billion yen and the number of workers expanded to a thousand, thanks to obtainment of its new factory site in Tsuchiura in 1961 and establishment of more than service companies to devote itself to improving the quality of service since 1961, when Hitachi Excavator set up its first service company in Tokyo.

In 1964, used Hitachi Excavators signed and took effect on a document for introduction of advanced technique with John Deere S.A Ltd., an American company, when Hitachi Excavator began to import agricultural wheeled tractors and moved towards the worldwide stage. The aggressive advancement to the worldwide market was never being stopped. Hitachi Excavator established Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe B.V. and Hitachi Construction Machinery Canada LTD in 1972 and then in 1978, offices in Singapore and South Africa were built up, followed by the establishment of new offices in the United States and Australia. The heaviest hydraulic excavator UH50 in the world whose weight is up to 157t was finished in 1979 and exhibited in CONEXP'81 trade show held in Houston, received a large scale attention. In 1984, John Deere S.A Ltd. was supplied 20 hydraulic excavators, beginning OEM supplication trade. While the rapid development in the European and American market, Hitachi Excavator never gave up the sweet cake of Asia. Hitachi Construction Machinery Asia and Pacific Pte.Ltd was set up as a sale stronghold, accessories storage and service stronghold in the Southeast Asia in 1978 and then in the next year, 1985, TELCO, a Indian company, signed a technique-cooperation document with Hitachi Excavator, using technique from Hitachi Excavator to complete making progress of hydraulic excavator, at the same time Hitachi Excavator and China signed a technique-cooperation document and established a factory in Fushun, producing the fist crawler crane with technique of Hitachi Excavator. In 1986, Hitachi Construction Machinery Malaysia Snd.Bhd started to run.

At present, in order to provide customers with better products and actively create more valuable product, used Hitachi Excavator is toughly following the mainstream of modern time, patiently listening to suggestions from customers and cautiously taking advantage of its advanced technique, to large limitation meanwhile structure of business unit and maintenance system is completely set up to improve satisfaction of customers. Hitachi Excavator is devoting itself to producing save and reliable products in high quality by individually researching and taking advantage of advanced producing technique from the time when it was established. And under the fantastic management idea that Hitachi Excavator fully satisfies the requirement of purchasers, developing itself to achieve buyers' requirement in a globe scale is quite urgent. Furthermore, as a globe partner in the worldwide market of constructive machinery, Hitachi Excavator sets a goal to keep providing worldwide users with products in high added value and finds VEC as its motto, continuously working day and night.