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The Significance and Market of Used Excavator

Tags: small excavators for sale used excavator buckets for sale2014-02-10

As the new energy development and utilization, more represented by natural gas, solar energy and other new energy power is gradually promoting and application in all aspects of People's Daily life. Economic, security, environmental protection engineering machinery product applications, as well as technical requirements of the country, also is used excavator business demand of research and development.

Used excavator is also known as "the old hook machine ", "old drivers", etc. Used excavator is one of the important means of production in the economic construction; used excavator is the automatic product of economic development. Used excavator play the part of a paragon to save resources to facilitate the international construction and development. Chinese use excavator industry, in the ninety s to get stable and rapid growth. Both for the country save a lot of natural and human resources, and played an indelible role for the national economic construction.

The most significant three parameters of Excavator include operating weight (quality), engine power and bucket volume. In construction machinery industry, it is generally believed that the use of more than 250 hours (excavator PC board to record the data using hours), the complete period maintenance program. If you have been involved in the sale and purchase of second-hand equipment, then you will be very clear: even if is a small device, there are a lot of risks in the process of buying and selling.

If you handle a large number of equipment, you need to have a lot of money, in order to make sure you are able to get the best returns; you need to consider many factors. But in the end, equipment prices will usually be the deciding factor. So, what are the factors affect the price of second-hand equipment? Just use fixed number of year decided equipment prices? Of course it is not so simple. In fact, there are many rensans affecting the price of second-hand equipment, relation between supply and demand, Market conditions and economic environment, manufacturers, Model and appearance, Use fixed number of year, Equipment situation and the credit of sellers is very important factors when we choose used excavator.

From 2002 to 2012, the Chinese main driving factors of excavator production volume growth come from two aspects: one is the increase of the whole social fixed assets investment, and so did the excavator downstream demand growth. Used machine on a large scale enter China from many years ago, such as excavator, only the customs statistics into the domestic number of used machine and new sales is already. On the used market, in addition to carter's machine, basic it is steel Japanese brands such as komatsu, Hitachi. Japan is the world's largest exporter of used machine. It has formed stable used sources, including leasing company eliminated down, there are engineering company turned or finish construction project after sale, and so on. And some of the leasing company, equipment used in 5000 ~ 6000 hours will flow to the used excavator market; these will become the mainstream of the used excavator market products.