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The Working Principle Of Used Excavator

Tags: available used excavator used volvo excavators for sale2014-01-23

Excavator is a kind of machine which uses the bucket to dig the materials above or below downtime of the stop surface and load transport vehicles or discharge to the stocking yard construction machinery. The used excavator can install a variety of hydraulic equipment to become open floor machine, feeder and pile drawing machine. Operating weight, engine power and bucket volume are the most important three parameters of the used excavator. Used excavator means the excavator has been used and it is a new one.

In the construction machinery industry, it is generally believed that if the using time over 250 hours which records the using time by the computer board in the used excavator. When complete the maintenance program in the run-in period and clear the machine property. If the machine factory files such as quality guarantee, invoice of the equipment (the equipment has monthly payment invoice by financing to buy) can be provided of the excavator called used excavator. In China, the used excavator is the major produced material in the economic construction, which is the inevitable outcome of economic development. The used excavator used as the model to save resources to support the national construction and development in China. The used excavator industry in China, it was developing rapidly in the 90s. Not only saved a large number of natural and human resources, but also played an indelible role for the national economic construction.

A mature technology of mechanical equipment named “Reman” on the market. It means to use the second-hand or old machineries and parts to assemble the machine products through remanufacturing reprocessing. These products can meet the new standard of the used excavator. Such a kind of technology called the remanufacturing engineering machinery. Also this kind of technology is growing quickly in China.

In the transmission system of self-propelled construction machinery, the used excavator is widely used in friction clutch. The working principles of different forms of friction clutch are basic same, which transfers friction torque through the friction surface. The working principle of the friction clutch is using the force of friction between the two friction disks to transfer torque. If want to create friction between the two disks, firstly, must exert pressure force between them to achieve the friction movement of the used Volvo excavators. Clutch can be separated and conjugation, at the same time, transformation between them under what conditions? This is the problem which needs to be solved by the clutch structure of the used excavator.

There are some main source used for the domestic used excavator, such as imported equipment from abroad, domestic joint venture assembly and the natural using of domestic excavator and so on. The price of the used excavator is mainly according to the buyers and sellers depend on the fluctuated price on the market, the using time of the machine, the working principle and so on. If you want to improve the working efficiency, you should choose the best-selling main model of the used volvo excavators.

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