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Tips for Started Excavators Operator

Tags: used wheel excavator new like used excavator2014-01-20

But don't worry; here are some tips for the operation. The excavator keeps a rapid development; more and more people are using used wheel excavators to start their careers. But for novice, some operations are difficult, here are some experience summarized by predecessors for learning.

1, the hoisting work
Operating hydraulic excavator to do hoisting operation, confirm the hoisting site surroundings, use hook and wire rope with high strength. If can, just use the special lifting equipment. Operation mode should be selected micro mode of operation, action should be slow and balance; sling length be appropriate, if too long, it will make the hanging swing higher and difficult to control precisely; to correctly adjust the bucket position in order to prevent the steel cord slide away; construction personnel are advised not to close to lifting objects, in case of improper operation dangerous.

2, effective mining method
When the bucket cylinder and the link beam, the bucket rod cylinder and bucket rod form angle of 90 degrees, the digging force will be the maximum; the soil cutting resistance of mining will be minimum when bucket teeth and the ground at a 30 degree angle; make sure the bucket rod angle is between the 45degrees and 30 degrees when using the bucket rod excavation to dig. At the same time, using movable arm and bucket to improve mining efficiency.

3, operation technology
First of all, confirm the surroundings around. When doing rotary operation, know very well in your heart the obstacles and terrain around, and do safe operation; when facing a mining direction, remember not giving the final drive, otherwise it's easy to damage the motor running or hose; ensure that the whole track in full contact with the ground, to increase the dynamic stability of the complete machine. If it's an old excavator or used excavator, it will not be so easy to operate, and be sure that you are familiar enough handle it before operating on construction sites.

4, in the soft area, or water operation
In soft soil area operations, know the soil loose degree of compaction, and pay attention to limit the bucket digging range, prevent the occurrence of landslides, collapses and body subsidence accident. Working in water, should pay attention to the allowable range of water depth (water should be above the center sprocket); if the water level is to high, slewing bearing internal will be in bad lubrication because of water intruding, and water hitting cause damage of the engine fan blades; components of the electrical circuit will short-circuit or open circuit because of invasion of water.

5, mining rock
Use the bucket to dig rock will cause great damage to the machine, which should be avoided as possible; if can't avoid, adjust the body according to the direction of rock crack position, so that the bucket can smoothly shovel into and dig; insert the bucket teeth into a crack in the rock, and use the stick and bucket digging force to mine (take care the sliding of the bucket teeth) rock which is not the fractured, ensure that the rock is broken, then use the bucket excavation. Hope these tips of operation will help you a lot when meeting a difficult situation.

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