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How to Solve some Problems for Used Excavator

Tags: qualified used excavator excavator machinery2014-01-16

Excavator is a high-tech product which is the integration of mechanic, electric and liquid. Its construction is complicated and some part of it needs high technical performance. Though the high technical performance, the working condition of used excavator is very bad, so it may often break down. As to used excavator operators, they would often come across the problems that the used excavator engine cannot start or the engine is not powerful. In this article, I will explain the how to solve problems for used excavator in detail.

Exclusion of excavator engineering mechanical malfunction usually adopts the forward pass method based on the structure, but operability is bad. However using the inverse method according to many years' experience of use and maintenance is an effective way. Inverse method, in another word, is starting from the failure phenomenon. It improves the operability of troubleshooting to debugging quickly. When the battery is fully charged, the fuel tank still has fuel and the fuel tank switches on, if the size of every part is correct, the reason of engine cannot start can be determined by whether there is presence of smoke evacuation.

On the one hand, if the exhaust pipe discharges black smoke, it shows that the fuel system work normally and the ignition time is accurate. At this time, mechanics can use the manual pump for constant pumping and eliminate the air in the high pressure oil pump. After that, the engine of used excavator can be started. However, if you still cannot start the engine when there is a smoke discharge, you should firstly check whether the engine and the transmission part are separated. Then you should check the ignition timing time. After the high pressure pump revision, it may cause incorrect of the ignition timing time and consequently cause the engine not to start.

On the other hand, if the exhaust pipe does not discharge black smoke, it shows that the whole system is abnormal. The editor suggests that mechanics can firstly open the manual pump oil, observing if there is a fuel flow or if it flows smoothly. Meanwhile mechanic should open the high pressure oil pump outlet opening, observing the oil supply situation of each cylinder. If the fuel oil flows normally while the high pressure pump outlet opening discharges very little. It can be determined that the high pressure oil pump plunger wear degree is beyond the limit. The used excavator will work well after the plunger is replaced.

Mining weakness is another typical fault for used excavators. Used excavator mining weakness can be divided into two different situations: the first is that the engine holds back the machine and the load the very light; the second is that the engine hold back the used excavator severely or even flameout when the movable arm stretch out to the bottom. Mechanics must find the reason of different fault according to different situations.

In a nutshell, only the mechanics with rich experience and good operation skill can find the fault accurately. Error repair of used excavators can also cause some bad influence, so if there is something wrong with your used excavator, you should rely on the professional mechanics to solve the problem.

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