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A Brief Classification of the Used Excavator

Tags: used excavator in europe good engine used excavator2014-01-16

When you are faced with a new excavator which will cost millions of dollars, a second-hand excavator can be attractive. From the economic point of view, that may be a good idea, but it is not always the case. That depends on whether the used excavator you chose according to classification of used excavator is suitable for you. But if you just have work sometimes and your fund is not enough for that, a used excavator is a good choice.

"Pick the general from dwarfs" is the popular sentence when users are buying a used excavator. But they neglect an important question: the best for you is someone that suit for you. When buyers are choosing a used excavator, they should not only choose the high quality one but also consider which one is suitable for them. At that moment, it's very necessary for them to have a general understanding of the excavator type.

The following is a common classification of used excavators: According to its different way of walking, used excavators can be classified into crawler excavators and wheel excavators. And based on the transmission way, used excavators can be sorted into hydraulic excavators and mechanical excavators. Mechanical used excavator is mainly used in some large mines. According to the bucket, we classify the used excavator into forward excavator, backhoe excavator, dragline excavator and clam shell excavator. Forward used excavators are mostly used to dig the material above the earth's surface while backhoe excavators are mostly used for digging the material under the surface of earth.

Backhoe used excavator is the most common type we have ever seen, it can move backward or down forward and cut soil. This kind of used excavator can also be used to do halt below surface mining. Its basic modes of operation are: gully end mining, gully side mining, straight line, curve mining, angle mining, super deep trench excavation and groove slope mining, etc.

As to forward used excavator, its characteristic is "moving upward, forced cut soil". The force of the forward excavator is comparatively bigger than the backhoe excavator. It can dig halt above surface soil. Face shovel excavation forward is different according to the relative positions of the route of excavation and transport vehicles. Digging and unloading mode has the following two kinds: positive digging, the lateral unloading; forward digging, reverse unloading.

Dragline excavator is especially suitable for excavation for large and deep foundation or digging under the water. Clam shell excavator is especially applicable to dig deep and narrow trench, dredge old channels and dig for mud in the water. Buying used excavator with good quality and suitable characteristics is the choice which can be truly called a wise choice. Follow this and make your.

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