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Used Excavator Walking Operation and Matters Needing Attention

Tags: buy excavator used super excavator2014-01-15

With the constant adjustment of the bank lending rates, more and more people choose not to buy a brand new excavator. They cease to advance when they are thinking about purchasing a new excavator. Recently used excavator industry has gained rapid development. At the time of purchasing “big guy”, most people are considering of used excavators with smaller investment and lower risks.

Used excavator is also called used excavating machinery. It uses the bucket to excavator materials higher or lower than scoop mining machine surface and load the material into transport vehicles or discharge them to the stocking yard. Used excavators are also very useful in finishing this kind of tasks. Though used excavator is the mainstream of the excavator industry, operators need to be aware of the walking operation when they are using the used excavator. Only in this way can we make use of the used excavator as much as possible and achieve maximum economic benefits. Here is some used excavator walking operation for you

1 Operators should check the environmental security situation and clean the obstacles in the road before starting. Irrelevant personnel should be away from the used excavator, at that time, operators can lift the bucket.

2 On the one hand, operators should keep an eye on the astern space when the used excavator is backing up; on the other hand, they should also pay attention to the dead zone behind the used excavator. Specialist conductor for assistance is needed when necessary.

3 Used excavators should walk on flat ground as far as possible and avoid placing the upper turret arbitrarily or manipulate the used excavator to rotate.

4 Check the direction of the crawler frame before manipulating the walking stick, try the best to make the used excavator walk forward. If the drive wheels are in front of the excavator, walking stick should operate back forward.

5 When the used excavator is walking in bad ground, it should avoid walking on rocks which will cause damage to motor and crawler frame. Once mud, sand or gravel are mixed into the track, they would influence the normal walk of the used excavator and the lifespan of the track.

6 When the engine stalls on the ramp, operators should reduce the bucket to the ground and put the control rod in the neutral position and then restart the engine. When the used excavator is walking on the ramp, operators should ensure the caterpillar direction and ground condition to make the used excavator walk as straight as possible. Keep the bucket 20-30 cm away from the ground, if the excavator skids or is unstable, put down the bucket immediately.

It is also very important to maintain the excavator regularly. Regularly maintenance can not only reduce the machine failure and extend the lifespan of the machine but also reduce the machine down time as well as improve working efficiency. Above all, it can reduce the operation cost greatly. That's something people cares most when they are trying to make a fortune from this.

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