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How to Determine Whether You Should Change the Oil of Used Excavator

Tags: new excavator for sale used excavator attachments2014-01-15

Used excavator is a very important tool for people to make money and maintenance is an essential procedure to make sure that your used excavator is working normally. At the same time, the oil of the used excavator is the key indicator for you to decide whether the used excavator is working perfectly. Since maintenance is a good method to save your cost, changing the oil timely is the effective way either. To understand the oil status of the used excavator is important for you to ensure the fine working situation of the machine. You can accomplish this target though a thorough oil analysis which can be compared with the earlier analysis report to track and analyze a series of product characteristics related to the wear and tear.

Oil analysis can identify the pollution situation, the degradation of oil products, general used excavator mechanical wear and tear condition and the problem of the sample. It can also change the lubrication projects to reduce unnecessary replacement. Oil analysis includes many items such as total acid value, water content, metal content, particle analysis and viscosity. Each of them can give you the information of whether you should change the oil of used excavator.

1 Total acid value
This value stands for the oxide content of the oil form the beginning of the work to this moment. It can test the performance of the oil or indicate the aura that operators should change oil. With the use of oil, the oil is exposed to the air and therefore the oxide levels rises, oil efficiency gradually decline. If the total acid value is far more than its initial value, it will be a warning signal of oil problem. At that time, we should change the oil immediately.

2 Water content
Water is the natural enemy of oil, especially in damp environment. When oil is directly exposed to water or vapor, water cut of oil will be discounted. Difference oil has different water content tolerance. Every oil product has its acceptable moisture content guidelines which you can learn from the suppliers. No matter which kind of oil you are using, exceed standard of water content is a serious warning for used excavator: oil change immediately.

3 Metal contents
Metal analysis can reveal the wear data of the lubrication system and the performance of some additives. The metal in oil is not only the result of the additives but also the result of wear. It depends on the oil type and system structure. Just like the water content, different oil has different metal content tolerance.

4 Particles analysis
Extend the time necessary for changing the oil. In this way, particle analysis can also help to prolong lifespan of used excavator.

5 Viscosities
Perhaps the simplest way of oil wear analysis is the kinematic viscosity test. Kinematic viscosity is also called concentration. By tracking the oil of quantitative operation, you can easily detect that its viscosity is getting bigger and bigger. Viscosity getting bigger is directly related to wear. Remember the most important rule: once the oil viscosity has increased by 10%, change the oil immediately.

Through oil analysis, we can easily tell whether the oil of the used excavator needs to be changed. Furthermore, it's a good way for us to save money by regular maintenance of used excavator.

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