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Ten Tips for Used Excavator Maintenance

Tags: excavator manufacturers used excavators for sale in australia2014-01-14

Used excavator, as the name suggests, is namely second-hand excavator. Apparently its service time is shorter than the brand new excavator because it is used for a while and there is disparity between used excavator and new excavator on the performance. So for used excavator, maintenance is extremely important. Maintenance is an effective way to restore the performance of the used excavator and extend its service life. However, in actual operation, there are many mistakes when mechanics are maintaining the used excavator, which affects the normal use of the used excavators.

Here are ten tips for your maintenance of the used excavator which can prolong the service life of the used excavators:

1 Avoid misuses or scrabble of butter
some mechanic would coat the cylinder mat with a layer of butter when they are installing the mat, thinking that this would increase the tightness of the diesel engine. However, they hardly imagine that this can instead affects the performance of the diesel engine.

2 Avoid installations of cylinder liner and piston product without matching
When changing the cylinder liner and piston of used excavator, some mechanics take it for granted that the new cylinder liner and piston are standard parts, interchangeable and can be used once they are installed. In fact, the size of the cylinder liner and piston has a certain tolerance range. If mechanics match the maximum size of the cylinder jacket with the minimum size of the piston, it will make the fit clearance too large to generate strong power and start.

3 Remember to check the piston travel allowance
The reason why operators should check the travel allowance of the used excavator after the oil feeding start time is adjusted is that the plunger travel allowance is related to the wear of piston and sleeve. Once piston and sleeve have worn, the plunger need to do more movement to begin oil supply, accordingly, the oil supply start time is delayed. That is harmful for used wheeled excavators.

4 Avoid mismeasurement of cylinder clearance
In reciprocating motion, piston skirt is perpendicular to the direction of the piston pin hole due to the effect of the lateral pressure and therefore the abrasion is bad. So while measuring cylinder clearance, the measurement should be in the direction of piston skirt vertical to the piston pin hole.

5 Avoid piston naked light heating of the used excavator
The thickness of each part of the piston is uneven; as a result, the degree of the thermal expansion and contraction would be different. Naked light heating would cause unbalanced heating and therefore cause deformation. Piston surface also have charcoal ash, naked light heating would reduce the service life of the used excavator.

6 Avoid grinding bearing shell with abrasive cloth
The grains on the abrasive cloth are hard while the bearing alloy is soft. In this situation, abrasive grains can be easily embedded in the alloy. And the work of the diesel engine will accelerate journal wear. Consequently, the used excavator will be damaged.

7 Avoid screwing the bolt too tight
It's not about the principle that the tighter, the better. Screwing the bolt too tight can lead to malfunction of the used track excavators.

8 Don't make the tire pressure too high
Too high or too low of the tire air pressure can all affect the service life of the used excavator and they are not conducive to safe driving, especially in hot summer.

9 Avoid adding cold water to tank suddenly
Motor overload operation, bad heat dissipation or deficiency can cause water tank to boil, adding cold water immediately will lead to cylinder block.

10 Remember to change the engine oil

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