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How to Maintain Used Excavator

Tags: digger equipment good condition used excavator2014-01-11

If you manage well the fuel oil, lubricating oil, water and air, it can reduce 70% of malfunctions. As a matter of fact, 70% of malfunctions are caused by the poor management. Here, we would like to recommend several methods to maintain used excavator.

1. the management of the fuel oil in the used excavator
⑴We should choose diesel of different marks on the basis of different environment temperature. ⑵The diesel should not be mixed in the impurity, dust, water, otherwise it will make the fuel pump scuff early. ⑶The content of paraffin and sulfur in the bad fuel is very high, which will cause a damage to engine. ⑷Please keep the fuel tank full of fuel after the operation every day in order to stop the inner wall of the tank from producing water droplets. ⑸Please open the water drain valve under the fuel tank before the operation. ⑹Wo should exhaust the air in the pipelines after using up the engine fuel and changing the elements. ⑺In addition to these, we have to keep some basic information in mind. The lowest environment temperature is 0℃, -10℃, -20℃, -30℃ and diesel brand has four kinds---0#, -10#, -20#, -35#.

2. the management of other oils in the used excavator
Other oils contain engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc. ⑴We should not mix different marks in different ranks of oils. ⑵Different varieties of excavator oils are added to different chemical or physical effect of additives in the process of the production. ⑶Please the oil clean, with the purpose of avoiding sundries (water, dust, particles, etc) mixing. ⑷We should choose the label of oil in line with environment temperature and purposes. ⑸If the environmental temperature is high, it suggests that we should use engine oil of high viscosity. Or, choose the engine oil of low viscosity. ⑹The viscosity of gear oil should be comparatively high in order to adopt larger load of transmission. On the contrary, the viscosity of hydraulic oil should be comparatively small to reduce the resistance of the liquid flow.

3. the management of grease in the used excavator
Adopting grease (butter) can reduce the abrasion of the moving surface and avoid making noise. When safekeeping the grease, please do not mix dusts, sands, water, and other impurities in it. Here, we would like to recommend lithium base grease G2-L1, which has good anti-wear performance and adopt overload condition. When filling the grease, please try your best to squeeze out all used oil and clear them to avoid the adhesion of sandy soil.

4.the maintenance of filter element in the used excavator
Filter element plays a role in filtering oil and impurities in the gas circuit in order to avoid it invading into the system and then cause the malfunction. Each kind of filters should change regularly in accordance with the requirement of operation and maintenance manuals.

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