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Brief Introduction of Used Excavator's Classification

Tags: used excavator bucket low price used excavator2014-01-10

In recent years, in the sense of the development of engineering machinery, the blossom of used excavator is comparatively quick and used excavator becomes one of the most primary engineering machineries. As a result, there are many kinds of used excavators in current society. Here, we would like to recommend some used excavators to you.

1. According to drive mode, common used excavator can be divided into internal combustion engine driven excavator and electric excavator. From these kinds, electric excavator mainly is applied in the anoxia high-altitude place, undermine and other inflammable and explosive location.
2. In accordance with the different way of walking, used excavator can be separated from crawler excavator and wheel excavator.
3. In line with the different methods of transmission, used excavator can be divided into hydraulic excavator and mechanical excavator. And mechanical excavator mainly is used in some large mines.
4. On the basis of application, used excavator can be separated from general excavator, mining excavator, marine excavator and special excavator.

5. In the light of bucket of used excavator, used excavator can be divided into forward shovel excavator, backhoe shovel excavator, shovel excavator and clam shell excavator. Forward shovel excavator is mostly used for excavating materials above the underground, while backhoe shovel is mainly used for excavating materials below the underground.

1) backhoe shovel excavator
Backhoe type is the most common type we have ever seen, which forces to cut oil back and down. It can be used for excavator under the surface of stop operation. The basic operating types are: minging of ditch , mining of groove side , mining of linear , mining of curve, mining of keeping a certain angle. Mining of ultra deep trench, mining of ditch slope, etc.

2) forward shovel excavator
The characteristics of forward shovel excavator's shovel action form is "moving on up, forced to cut soil". The forward shovel excavator has great strength and can excavate the soil above the underground.

3) shovel excavator
The shovel excavator is also called dragline. The feature of it is"backing down, weight of cutting soil". It is suitable for the type ofⅠ、Ⅱsoil. In working hours, it can throw the bucket away through inertia force and can dig more far.

4) clam shell excavator
Clam shell excavator is also called for catching a shovel. The characteristic of it is"straight up and down, weight of cutting soil". It fits for excavating the type of Ⅰ、Ⅱsoil. In the area of soft soil, it is usually used for excavating foundation trench and open caisson. There are two excavation ways: trench excavation of the side and excavation of location.

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