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How to Run a Used Excavator

Tags: backhoe excavator the best excavators2014-01-07

To run a used excavator there are many steps to follow:

Step1 In the position, movement caused by each of the j stops. Use operating handle to control the bucket and what is important, it's the rotation of the cab of the machine.

Step2 Use the operating handle on the right, you will ask, what this for, it's to control the scooping and make the boom go up and down. Scoop using the bucket by moving the operating handle to the left, and the other is dump the bucket by moving the operating handle to the right. Notice that the direction of these controls is logical and somewhat intuitive. Move the boom up, pulling back on the right-side operating handle, and as you know, lowering the boom to push the operating handles forwards.

Step3 The operating handle on the left controls the direction that the entire cab moves and extends or contracts the boom. Pushing the left operating handle forwards extends the boom while pulling on it contracts it.

Step4  Look at the drive rods (the two long operating handles that come up between your legs). Each drive operating handle independently operates a different tread of the same side of the used excavator that the operating handle is on. The further the operating handle is moved (either forwards or backwards) will change the speed that each tread turns. Pushing both operating handles forward the same length will make the excavator go straight. Moving both operating handles backwards makes the excavator go backwards. If only one of the operating handles is moved forward (or is moved forwards more than the other operating handle), the tread on the corresponding side will move forward, turning the vehicle. If one operating handle is pushed forward and the other is pulled backward, the vehicle can turn in place.

Step5 Use the foot pedals on the floor as a "super speed" boost and to pivot the hoe. The one on the left makes it very fast .The other pedal tilts the hoe to the left or right.

Step6 Look to the right side of your seat. There should be two operating handles. The rear operating handle is the throttle operating handle (which controls the flow of fuel to the engine).

Step7 Look just forward of the throttle. This operating handle is the dozer-blade control operating handle. Use the dozer-blade control operating handle to lift the blade by pulling back on it. Press the blade deeper (towards the ground) by pushing the operating handle forward. The dozer blade is pressed forward when scraping the ground like a mini-bulldozer.

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