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Lubrication Technology--Technologies of the Excavator!

Tags: Used Sumitomo Excavators for sale excavators for sale in europe2013-12-31

What is the used excavator technology? Nowadays, the excavator is playing an important role in constructions, for instance, house maintaining, digging the water pipe and the like, absolutely, the working condition of the excavator is extremely tough. And it is been showed through the following three points, there are big dust, awful weather and bad working condition. As a result, the technologies applied to the excavator must be with high quality, and among all the technologies, lubrication technology is one of the most important ones, if the excavator uses a suitable lubrication technology, its efficiency will be improved vastly, while the maintenance cost can be cut down sharply. At this juncture, you may ask: the lubrication technology is so magic, and what is the magic technology really about? Do not be worried! Let me introduce it to you!

There are several typical lubrication technologies, let me say something about them:

1)Dry oil automatic centralized lubrication system
The dry oil automatic centralized lubrication system consists of centralized lubrication station, outrigger lubrication device, platform lubrication device, underframe lubrication device, bottom lubrication device and the like. There are several lubrication points set on the machine, and the dry oil automatic centralized lubrication system can lubricate thee set point automatically.

2)Open gear automatic lubrication system
The open gear automatic lubrication system uses oil mist to lubricate the excavator. During the working process, constringent air is piped in, and then the dry oil becomes vaporific and flowed onto the surface of the gear.

3)Thin oil automatic centralized lubrication system
The thin oil automatic centralized lubrication system is widely used in the lubrication of all kinds of decelerators. During designing of this kind of the lubrication system, the designer should ensure the quantity of flow required by all lubricating points set on the excavator, and it should also reflect the factual lubricating condition of all points.

It is no doubt that choosing a suitable lubrication technology is crucial to the used Sumitomo excavators. Usually, a brand new excavator costs too much, for many building contractors, the cost of a brand new excavator is so high, and it is difficult for them to afford it.

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