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Do You Know the Dragline Excavator?

Tags: excavator hire long reach excavators for sale2013-12-28

Dragline excavator is also called the shovel excavator. It is generally applicable to deal with the Ⅰ and Ⅱ soils. The dragline excavator's work process often uses inertia force which will be flung in a bucket. It can dig further away and dig deeper radius, but it may be not flexible accurately. It is especially suitable for excavation of large and deep foundation.

Since the reform and opening, our country actively introduces and absorbs the foreign advanced technology to promote the development of Chinese excavator industry. Nowadays, people attach importance to adopting new technology, new structure to speed up the development of standardization and generalization. Now a lot of dragline excavators' installed automatic control hydraulic system can automatically adjust the flow rate to avoid the waste of the driving power. At the same time, we also can install CAPS to increase the operation power of excavator and exert better function of dragline excavator system. On the other hand, people use fine control mode selection system to reduce the consumption of fuel, engine power and prolong service life of the dragline excavator parts. According to the change of the engine load, the new excavator can absorb by automatically adjusting the hydraulic pump power. Usually the engine speed is always near the rated speed and the engine is operating at full power. As it makes full use of the power of the engine, it can improve the working efficiency. Besides, the dragline excavator is popular on the used excavator market.

In order to strengthen the labor protection of the driver, the machine can improve the driver's working conditions. With falling objects protection structure and protection of the structure of the tilting cab, the dragline excavator installs adjustable elastic seat with sound insulation measures to reduce the noise interference. As the excavator's working efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, convenient operation, it is safe and comfortable to operate the machine. And it is also durable with the improvement of the performance requirements. People who carry out technical reform make the properties of the excavator have a qualitative leap.

When we use the dragline in our daily life, we should also pay attention to dragline excavator's maintenance. This can help reduce machine fault and prolong the service life of the machine. It can also improve work efficiency and reduce the operation cost. The shifting device should be adjusted in a timely manner to ensure that the shift device's performance is good. On the downhill road, the operator should operate the excavator strictly according to the behavioral essentials of downhill.

Now, our country advocates the new rural construction, including the rural highway construction and the investment in the rural infrastructure construction has increased. We can believe that the dragline excavator will be widely used in all kinds of work.

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