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Various Kinds of Excavators

Tags: used Kobelco excavator available used excavator2013-12-26

First of all, according to the used excavator operation process, the excavators can be divided into cycle operation excavator and continuous operation excavator. Cycle operation of excavator's digging, delivery, unloading and such a process is to repeat cycle. For example, a variety of single bucket excavators are in the line. If the process is continuous, this kind of used excavator is called continuous operation excavator. For example, all sorts of bucket excavator and slitting excavator are such a kind of machines.

Next, excavators can be divided into shovel, and backhoe excavator. Shovel strength is bigger, so it can be used in the excavation surface above the soil. But we need to set up and down the ramp. Backhoe type is the most common. It can be used to stop the operation under mining and the basic operation modes are also different. Dragline work which uses the inertia force will be flung in a bucket and it can dig with a large digging depth. But it is not very flexible accurately. It is generally applicable to large and deep excavation of foundation pit digging or under the water.

Today's excavator is accounted for the vast majority of hydraulic rotary and excavator. Hydraulic excavator generally consists of three parts such as working device, rotary device and walking device. It is mainly composed of the engine, hydraulic system, working device, walking device and electric control parts. Hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, control valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, piping, tanks, etc. And electrical control system includes control board, pump control system, all kinds of sensors, etc. According to its structure and uses, it can be divided into: caterpillar, walking, hydraulic, hydraulic parts and other types.

Working device is directly mining task device as well as the most important part of the various parts of the excavator. It is usually articulated by the movable arm and bucket. In order to meet the needs of the various construction, hydraulic excavators can be equipped with a variety of work device, such as mining, lifting, loading, level off, clamp, bulldozing, impact hammer and other operation equipments. Hydraulic driving system by the hydraulic pump of the engine power is passed to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder actuators to promote the working device, so as to complete all assignments.

In order to meet the needs of municipal construction and farmland construction, our country is developing various, multi-function, high quality and high efficiency used Kobelco excavators. Rapid development of fully hydraulic excavator, continuous improvement and innovation make the excavator develop from a simple lever to a complex level. It has hydraulic pressure control, pressure control, hydraulic servo control, electrical control, wireless remote control and computer integrated process control. In dangerous places or underwater environment, we can use radio control, computer control receiver and the laser guide to realize fully automated excavator operation manipulation.

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