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Weather Affects on Excavator

Tags: used Komatsu excavator excellent used excavator2013-12-25

Weather affects on used excavator and excavator can be affected most in winter and summer. Because its performance related to weather directly. In general,the hydraulic oil of the excavator can attenuate when the machine temperature rise which results in low pressure of the hydraulic system and it will decrease the machine performing efficiency. It will even have some influence on the hydraulic tube and sealing element.

It's shocking that how a heavy rain can do to a building project. For example, before it is raining, the work site is very dry, the excavator can preform smoothly and effectively. However, several hours later, a heavy rain is befalling on this site. It can be a site with sloppy,mud-hole which will cut the work efficiency to about 10 percent. In many cases, this change results from poor preparation. For that the supervisor should know it will rain.

Good preparation can minimize the lose to the lowest. In general, excavator is left to the work site. Be sure the supervisor should be responsible for the excavator protection and continuously aware of what he will do if the weather changes. In hot summer, excavator in operation can present normally in the first two hours, but it turns to be slow because of the over-high temperature. Sometimes, there is smoke from the generator or even shut down. In such occasion, you need to stop working till it cool and restart. Excavator requires to perform under high temperature in summer, so if it is not cool enough, the machine temperature will rise continually which will lead to machine parts expansion or even broking. Too much interior relief heat increase the burden of heat dissipation system and then low the machine performance. Function of hydraulic adjusting system will gradually lose. As a result, the machine can not work normally as usual or even do not work anymore.

While in cold winter, the oil way and gas way of the excavator would catch “cold” when put into work because of the cold weather. These symptom presents alike the excavator can not start,suddenly stop ,shut down,oil tank crack, instrument keeps at the 0 or some other abnormal phenomena.The oil tank of the used Komatsu excavators can be blocked and closed by oil refuse. These are all main problems caused by climate changes or season changes.excavator is unavoidably employed in the whole year,no matter how bad the weather is,to contribute to the society infrastructure and building construction for its various of advanced advantages.

To sum up, excavator can be affected to a great extent,one should pay more attention to its performance and find out problems it has. Then come up with the best measure to deal with it. Make a purchase of a new excavator would cost too much. Good maintenance can prolong its life span,low the cost of both labor and expense as well.

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