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Brief Introduction of Used excavator

Tags: digger sales used Hitachi excavator2013-12-25

Excavator, also known as mining machinery, is higher or lower than scoop mining machine superficial material, and load conveyance vehicles or discharge to the stocking yard earthmoving machineries. Introduction of used excavator has the most important three restrictions: working weight (quality), engine control and bucket capacity.

Original excavator was manually, from invention to the 2013 already has more than one hundred and thirty years, experienced by the steam to drive a pipe during rotary used excavator to electricity and internal combustion engine driven rotary excavator, application technology of mechanical and electrical integration of liquid automatic hydraulic excavator process of gradual development. The first hydraulic excavator invented by French wave crane factory successfully. Due to the application of hydraulic technology, in the 1940 s had on the tractor equipped with hydraulic backhoe used excavator. In 1951, the first full hydraulic backhoe excavator by in France Plain crane (wave) plant, which in excavator.

Technology development created a new space, in the early 1950 s and mid successively developed the towed rotary hydraulic excavator and crawler type hydraulic used excavator. The early development of hydraulic excavator is to use the plane and the machine tool hydraulic technology, lack of under various working conditions is suitable for the excavator's hydraulic components, manufacturing quality is not stable, fittings is not complete. Since the 1960 s, hydraulic excavator into extension and vigorous development stage, the used excavator manufacturers and varieties increase quickly, production soared.

The emergence of the first generation used Hitachi excavators, motor, internal combustion engine, the excavator has the advanced and suitable electric actuator, so various used excavator products successively. In 1899, the first electric excavator appeared. After the First World War, the diesel engine is also applied in used excavator, the diesel engine or motor driven mechanical used excavator is the first generation of excavator. Second generation excavators: with the widespread use of hydraulic technology, make the excavator has a more scientific and applicable gearing, hydraulic transmission to replace the mechanical transmission is a big leap in excavator technology. In 1950 the first hydraulic excavator was born in Germany.

That is the second generation of excavator hydraulic mechanical transmission. Electronic technology, especially the wide application of computer technology, make the used excavator has the automation control system, also make the used excavator to high-performance, automation and intelligent direction. Electro mechanical integration of before and after germination about took place in 1965, and in the mass production of the electromechanical integration technology on hydraulic excavator is around 1985, the main purpose is to save energy. Excavator is a sign of the third generation excavators electronically.

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