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Tips for Maintenance of the Used Excavators

Tags: 2nd hand excavators sale used compact excavators2013-12-24

Tip 1: Use Oil with Good Quality
Using oil is beneficial to anti-corrosion, preventing wear off and avoiding heating and oxidative breakdown. However, using oil that has not good quality will lead to repair that waste time and shorten the service life of the used excavator.

Tip 2: Frequently Lubricate Fittings
Frequent lubricate for the fittings will keep the property of these fittings. If the excavator is new, these fittings are tight and will easy to wear off. As for used excavator, it is not as brand new as it was, after tighten fittings, it is better to add to some lube.

Tip 3: Use Filters to the Excavator
Filters are necessary for the cleaning of the engine. The dirt and other materials are easy to enter into the engine and block the engine to provide energy for the whole used excavator. Thus, keeping the fuel box clean is an important maintenance step for used excavator.

Tip 4: Regularly Inspect Fittings
Check if there are cracks on the fittings by discharging them on the ground and inspecting them one by one regularly. Tighten loose bolts or grease some lube is a necessary step if there are some problems on the fittings.

Tip 5: Carry out 360 Degree Check Every Day
Check if there are cracks on the foundation. And make sure all bolts including bolts on small fittings or on mainframe are tight. And inspect the wear off condition of the chains and components. Examine if the hydraulic parts have leaking phenomenon, especially the condition of the hydraulic piston, preventing the pollution of the oil in oil box. What's more, check whether the rollers are in good condition.

Tip 6: Inspect the Cooling System
Keep the heat sink, oil cooler, and other cooling system away from dirt and pollution. The leakage of the oil or coolant will lead to dust and dirt pollution, which will slows air exchange speed and result in block to hinder heat exchange. Make sure that the heat shields and block in the heat sink and engine rooms are in proper place and in good condition. And do not ignore any small parts, or it will influence the heat distribution and change cooler regularly according to the suggestion of the producer. After a period of working time, the coolant as well as anti-corrosion measure will fail to work. A calcium-like material is created and will block the engine, causing burst or the failure of the engine.

Tip 7: Train Professional Experts
Expert is the key to the maintenance of the used excavator. Only through the continuous leaning to improve the skill as well as knowledge of the experts can they do their work well if they are needed.

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