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Precautions When Used Excavator for Tearing Down the House

Tags: micro excavators for sale excavator auctions2013-12-24

It is amazing that excavator can work at very rugged place. It works very efficiently in the process of society construction. It can help to build a tall grand building,tear down as well. With time passing by, some outdate houses need to be relaced by newly ones. They must be torn down. So it is excavator's time to work. Excavator is a heavy duty machine with high technology and needs high profession supervisor. What precautions should one pay attention when used excavator for tearing down a house? The following are some precautions for excavator when used for tear down house.

First of all,check every parts of the excavator if they are at their best to make sure it can work smoothly during the work. keep the excavator away from electric wire, other buildings and workers there. And be watch out if something drop down to hit the top of the excavator. When it works at high attitude, you can take some measures to prevent it form damaged. For example, put some soil or other industry waste on the ground for the excavator to reach the building roof before it start tearing down the house. Use the impact hammer dig a hole in the wall and insert the broken items in so that it will not hit you. Expand the hole bigger and do not move the girder and column first. Tear them after you broking the brick wall so that they will drop down inside rather than hit you.and your safety is guaranteed. Follow the order to finish the whole project will ensure your safety at a large extent.

Second, check the setting around the excavator regularly in case of encountering slope, mire,riverway or some other dangerous cases. Because they are dangerous.

Third, exclude any possible gas line, because if the excavator broke the gas line, it will result in fire,which will be horrible and tough especially in the living quaters. Therefore, make a good check of the surrounding facilities is very very necessary.

When you are going to start the excavator to tear down the house, be sure there is nobody in the house and keep people far away from the work site except for the necessary workers. Regardless of the objective factors, excavator itself also requires a lot of work before putting it into work. As a supervisor, you ned to check the excavator everyday to make sure if they are still at their best condition. If there is no enough water in the water tank, add some water in. If there is no enough gas in the oil tank, add some oil in. Especially in the winter, more care is required for the excavator because of the bad weather.

If you are the operator of the excavator, keep in mind that operate it to make sure it works at constant speed. Try to avoid sudden stoppage and sudden start-up so that can protect the pressure system and power generator. As for the generator, it would be better to work after heating the turbine. And before stop, you should keep at constant speed for 10 minutes so that can protect the generator. One more important tip you should keep in mind is watch out changes of all instruments.if there is something wrong, stop working immediately and ask for reparation.

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