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The Development of the Hydraulic Excavator

Tags: second hand excavators for sale in uk used kobelco excavators for sale2013-12-23

The hydraulic excavator has many functions. It is the most common excavator for excavating and exploring. And it is the most popular excavator in the used excavator market. If added to different fittings, it is able to drill holes or crush rocks even mow in the field. Its function to crush solid objects such as rocks, pipes as well as engineering materials makes it a kind of multifunctional equipment. Generally, the operation height of a hydraulic excavator is at least 20 thousand pounds, which makes it can lift heavy and large objects easily. Since the hydraulic is playing so important role in modern society and it has replaced some earlier hydraulic machines. Now we will further explore its development or its evolution process.

It is recorded that the earliest hydraulic shovel was developed in 1882 by a British company that previously construct boats in docks. Another company to make an attempt for hydraulic shovel was a company in Minnesota, which applied a patent of the hydraulic shovel in 1897.

In 1948, the first model of wheeled hydraulic excavator was made. The company in Minnesota gave up the patent and transferred the patent rights to a French company in 1954, and at the same year this French company built the Yumbo. The Yumbo is a kind of excavator that is equipped with trunk. And this kind of hydraulic excavator quickly became a trend, arousing wide interest from public.

Hymac hydraulic excavator was independent in Britain becoming a limited company to product hydraulic excavator. That is the beginning of many used Kobelco excavators and some of them are still used now. In addition, its precious products are showed in Britain and Europe witnessing the development of the hydraulic excavators.

Another earliest hydraulic excavator was manufactured in 1951 by a company in France. This new hydraulic used cable to deliver the energy independent from the hydraulic excavators, and it used a hydraulic and cylinders to act as engine to drive the hydraulic excavator. And the special place of this hydraulic excavator is its 360 degree rotation. What's more, the hydraulic excavator has become the leading products in excavator market or in the used excavator market because of its convenient operation and higher working efficiency by the early 1970s, taking over the cable excavator.

After the development of several decades, the hydraulic excavator is playing a significant role in modern engineering construction. With the development of science and technique, the hydraulic excavator is improving as well.

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