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What is the Robotic Excavator?

Tags: Used Sumitomo Excavators for sale used excavator buckets for sale2013-12-19

In the condition of increasing use of used excavator, the automatic equipments give hope to increase productivity and safety of machinery construction. The robotic excavator uses two scanning laser rangefinders to scan and fix the truck, observe the surface of the soil and address potential problems. And it has been proved that using robotic excavator for loading trucks can reach the same speed as human beings.

Generally, loading a truck needs several steps and each steps needs 15 to 20 seconds. The tiny change of each step will create great influence on the whole work. In addition, the speed of human operators is not uniform. Working speed reach its high when the time is close to lunch time, rest time and off duty time. And after a long time working, it is easy to feel tires and bored, reducing working efficiency.

In addition, using robotic excavator avoids some accidents. Sometimes operators are too concentrated on the working in front them to ignore some potential danger. While automation uses machines to carry out work and observe every potential danger to ensure the smooth working procedure.

There is an autonomous loading system in excavators which are able to load trucks with machines at the same speed of professional operators. The system uses two scanning laser rangefinders to identify the truck, measure the surface soil and to avoid dangers in the workspace. First, the detected sensor deal with the gross situation, and then the loading system make according changes according to the observed data. Encode the knowledge of professional operators and make simple kinematic movements based on the models of the professional operators. These movements create quick actions to carry out loading trucks. This is an ideal loading system excavator that can be used for excavating of large scale.

Two sensor scanners of the loading system need to observe the whole area of the working places and carry out several actions at the same time. There is a mirror which scans the vertical plane of the beam in a round shape at the sample rate of 11 kHz. What's more, each scanner can reach the peak speed of 120 degrees/ second to rotate into an azimuth. There is a scanner over the cab of the operator naming left scanner, which is to sensor the working condition of the left side of the excavator, while the right scanner is on the right side of the cab and it is placed symmetric with the left scanner. And the function of the right scanner is to sensor the working condition of the right side of the excavator. The system can know better the whole working condition through these two scanners.

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