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The Tips of Buying Used Excavator Online

Tags: used komatsu excavators for sale cheap excavators for sale2013-12-16

How to pick the right used excavator online that you satisfied? Here I would recommend for everyone a few tips when buying used excavators.

1: Choosing excavator brand, model and recent extent according to their actual needs and the price will you pay.

2: Let the seller to record a video of the used excavator when it is working, so that the buyer to have a more intuitive understanding at the time of purchase, and listening to the sound and watching the vibration can determine the position of watching the machine running.

3: Do not rush to pay after the first transaction, sign a contract quality assurance, identified responsibilities and obligations during transportation, in order to avoid any unnecessary losses.

4: After receiving the used excavators, you must be careful to check all parts and operating conditions of the machine, subject to performance metrics to ensure all aspects of the machine to reach the seller's description. Observe whether the engine spills oil, and whether there are a lot of black smoke increase when the throttle mining, voice without exception, whether suffocation. See the number of replacement pipeline of the used wheeled excavators, the less prove more new cars.

Check the gap left front wheel, allowing about a gap, but does not allow a gap down, check the suitability of the chain link plates, check the normal operating speed throttle, check all cylinders to observe whether there are cracks appear. Jack up the machine unilateral, when the used excavator walking by the high-speed mode, let your ear is close to the drive wheels, listening to the sound abnormal or not.

The engine is placed in idle state, the body topped up, if the body cannot be topped up, the strength of the pump is proved not enough, and the engine sounds unusual when the body is topped up proved underpowered, stepped on the gas, stretch out all the cylinders to listen to the sound of the large pump change or not. If you get used excavators that cannot meet the requirements, please contact the seller for returning or changing as soon as possible. You should communicate and coordinate with the seller to timely to solve the problems encountered.

5: Buy a used excavator online is not an easy thing. You also need to check the machine manufacturer's reputation circumstances before you buy it. You must be careful when you deal with the poor reputation store, you should not just for the sake of the poor to buy cheap price performance used excavators. You also should ask the seller for obtaining exact date of manufacture of the used excavator, uptime, maintenance conditions, to ensure used excavator's new operator could have a better knowledge of the machine. And you should ensure that buying a used excavator that it possesses all formalities to reduce unnecessary trouble for the future.

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