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Excavator Used for Common Construction Equipment

Tags: used Kobelco excavator high quality used excavator2013-12-14

Here I will introduce you some kinds of excavators used for common construction equipment:
1: Backhoe
Backhoe is a kind excavator that we've seen the most common, it can back down its assembly, forced them to cut soil. It also can be used to dig things below the work surface, the basic operation modes includes: side ditch digging, trench slope mining and so on.

2: Shovel
Shovel is a form of digging earth excavator. Its characteristics are "forward upward, forcing soil cut." Shovel digging force is large, can be used in excavation of the soil above surface, and it suit for being used for dry excavation pit height greater than 2m, but there are should set down the ramp.

Shovel excavator have a large bucket compared with the backhoe, and they are used to greater than 27% moisture content excavation of one to three types of soil, and with the completion of the entire mining dump truck with transport operations, you can also tap large drying pit and mound so on. Shovel excavator excavation depending on the relative position of the excavation route and transport vehicles, the way of excavator and dump are the following two: forward excavators, side dump; positive excavators, reverse dump.

3: Dragline
Dragline excavators also called dragline excavators. Its excavation features are: "backwards down, cut soil by its weight." It is suitable forⅠ, Ⅱ type of soil excavated down below the surface. When working, the excavator throw its bucket because of the inertial force, dig farther than the normal excavator, excavators and backhoe radius greater depth, but not as flexible and accurate backhoe, especially for the large and deep excavation pit or underwater excavation.

4: Clamshell
Clamshell is also called clamshell grab excavator. excavators used for common construction equipment features are: "straight up and down, the weight cut soil." It is always be used inⅠ, Ⅱ type of soil excavated down below the surface, digging excavation pit, caisson and so on in the soft soil area commonly. Especially for the narrow pit dug deep, clear water and the old channels and digging silt, or for loading gravel, slag and other loose materials.

5: Full hydraulic rotary excavator
Fully hydraulic rotary excavator is the most common excavator in today's construction. Hydraulic excavators mainly make up by the engine, hydraulic system, work equipment, travel equipment Electrical control system includes monitoring disk, engine control systems, pumps, control systems, sensors, solenoid valves. Hydraulic excavator working device generally consists of three parts, rotary devices and undercarriage components.

According to its structure and purpose can be divided into: Crawler, Wheel, walker, hydraulic, semi- hydraulic, full swing, a non-wholly rotation, general, special type, articulated, telescopic and other types. Turning and walking device is a hydraulic excavator body, the upper turret with a power plant and transmission. The engine is the power source of hydraulic excavator, mostly diesel to be at a convenient venue, but also can be used instead of the motor. Pump hydraulic system transmit engine's power to the hydraulic cylinders and other actuators hydraulic motors through fluid pump, promoting the work device movement, and completing a variety of jobs. The used excavator's properties will decrease.

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