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Why to Buy the Used Excavator?

Tags: used Komatsu excavator digger equipment2013-12-13

Used own R & D and production of hybrid components to maintain a consistent reliability and durability. This kind excavator has been certified by the Japanese Ministry of Land, low-carbon construction machinery, and also been certified by the Japanese Ministry of Land, ultra-low noise construction machinery. Used excavators have low-carbon emission and low-noise even the buying used excavator. And the used excavator has superior performance to achieve higher productivity, making the work devices faster by overall control of advanced machine.

Choose multiple operating mode selection to meet the different conditions. It is easy to maintenance, the radiator is easy to removed and installed. The components of the machine are very common, so it is easy and convenient overhaul and maintenance the engine. And the components have a long-life, reducing maintenance and repair costs can be done. This kind of excavator can do a large amount of work, just using low fuel consumption. Used SAA6D114E power engine and advanced pressure compensating CLSS hydraulic system are combined. Thus, the high efficiency, the amount of work priorities fast mode and fuel savings priority economic model is popular. Stick rapid oil return system, reducing the loss of oil pressure, can quickly complete the loading operation.

High durability and reliability are also good characteristics, enhanced boom, stick and bucket to make the machine greatly enhanced durability, large counterweight increases machine's stability, rugged machine designed to ensure a strong mining and fast walking. We can clean the radiator or other parts of the used track excavators easily, you can remove the fuel mixed with water and impurities by using standard equipment and additional water separator fuel filter. Used excavators have perfect productivity features, the advanced hydraulic system reduces the hydraulic pressure loss, and two operating modes can be chose to meet the needs of different working conditions. Excellent digging force even in harsh operating conditions can also meet the productivity requirements. If the bucket is rock bucket, the wear resistance will be better, change longer hydraulic oil intervals and filter also can reduce the wear, hydraulic system must be cleaned to make the excavator reliable, it is very important to those used excavator.

It is extremely convenient to use the centralized maintenance, which strengthened the parts on the track, Vehicle Fault Monitoring System has been used in that excavator. Large heavy job specifications Bucket large amount of work to meet the user's requirements, variable gauge designed to make the device more stable, and new engine offers excellent power output and fuel economy, those all improved the productivity and environmental protection. Using high-performance filter material, extending the oil and filter replacement time.

Machine's failure is reduced by using equipment management monitoring system and effective management, high pressure series filter to prevent contamination of the hydraulic system. Special equipment hydraulic excavator cab, new tubular structure designed to enhance the strength of the cab, hydraulic lock lever and large handrails are factors to improve the security of the excavator.

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