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The Introduction of the Used Excavator at Your Disposal

Tags: used komatsu excavators for sale used Kobelco excavator2013-12-13

Backhoe has three important parameters usually, they are engine power, bucket capacity and operating weight, the operating weight is the most important among them. The operating weight determines the level of backhoes, backhoe digging force determines the upper limit of the backhoe. If digging force exceeds the limit, in the case of the backhoe, excavator will slip, and the machine was pulled forward, which is very dangerous, especially for the used excavator. While in the case of positive shovel, excavator will slip backwards, and this situation is relatively safe. This passage is giving you certain Used excavator introduction.

The arm digging force of the backhoe consists of digging force and bucket digging force for digging force. Two points of digging force are bucket tooth root (bucket lips), but they are different types of power, arm digging force comes from the arm cylinder, while the bucket digging force comes from the bucket cylinder. Ground pressure determines the size of excavator ground conditions for the job.

Ground pressure refers to the weight of the machine resulting pressure on the ground, using the following formula: Operating weight Ground pressure = ÷ total area of contact with the ground. It is very important fitted with a suitable track shoe to the machine, on crawler excavators, choose track criteria are using the narrowest shoe whenever possible. There are two common shoes. There are grouser plates and flat track shoe. The total running time is about one-tenth of working time for the purposes of crawler excavators. In general, two-speed walking excavator can meet performance.

Traction means walking excavator force generated, mainly depending on the excavator travel motor. Walking speed and traction indicate the flexibility and mobility of walking ability. In a sample of various manufacturers can embody. Gradeability is referring to climbing, downhill, stop capability on a solid, flat slope, angle and percent are the two representations. Lifting capacity is rated stable hydraulic lift capacity or rated lifting capacity of the smaller one. Rated stable lifting capacity: 75% of tipping load rated hydraulic lifting capacity: 87% of hydraulic lifting capacity, it is lower for the used excavator relatively. Swing speed is average maximum speed that stable rotation can reached when the excavators unload, this means that the defined rotation of speed neither is the starting time , nor is the rotation speed when braking; that is, not accelerating or decelerating the rotational speed. For general excavation, this excavator works range from 0 ° to 180 °, the rotary motor is accelerating or decelerating. Rotary speed reach the stability point when excavator works range from 270 ° to 360 ° .

Therefore, in the actual excavation work, as defined above rotation speed is unrealistic. In other words, you need to turn the actual performance is available rotary torque represents the acceleration or deceleration. Total Power (gross horsepower) is output power measured on the engine flywheel which power consumption in the attachment, such as silencers, fan, alternator and the air cleaner case is very little. In addition, effective power is output power measured on the engine flywheel which power consumption in all accessories. The engine can also make a lot of noise, especially for the used track excavators. The measurements of the noise include the noise measurement of operator ear and noise measurement around the machine.

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