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How to Choose Used Excavator?

Tags: used Hitachi excavator used hitachi excavators for sale2013-12-12

There are a lot of excavators for sales on the internet. But there still some different between the used excavator. Do you know about it? We type the some kind of excavator which second-hand most frequently to help your find out how to choose the used excavators.

1.Used hydraulic excavators
Nowadays, there are exactly 99% of excavator is hydraulic excavator. The hydraulic excavator is the most advanced excavator in the world. And when it talk about excavator, most people will think of crawler excavator which is the same as tracked vehicles in general. The hydraulic excavators always used for 1000 tons. And one who want to buy a hydraulic excavators may be wanted to deal something with rough terrains that is prefect solving by hydraulic excavators. And those are by no means seldom at construction site. So it is easy to be damaged. As a wise customer, we suggest you pay more attention on the quality and the condition of the used hydraulic excavators. If you buy a hydraulic excavators is have seriously broken, it will cost more to fix it up until it will put into the factory.

2.Used Mini excavators
Probably the most sought after by the global excavator is popular the final consumer and enterprise customers the consistent high praise afterwards. Their small size of excavators can contain the weight of 1 tons and 8 tons, making them easy to transport. Usually is also equipped with a blade, these small excavator digging often also faces more than other tasks, namely to shovel snow or exclude waste or excavation. Small excavator brand popular Kubota, Yanmar, caterpillar. But in fact, almost all the heavy equipment maker provides machine in this field because of the small excavators always find a ready market. So if have this kind of need, you may consider the used mini excavators.

3.Used Wheeled excavators
A long time ago, when the machinery must be installed on a truck in order to have a mobile excavator era. Now, the excavator's speed to 30 km / h, they even allowed in public road speeds of operation license. Wheeled excavator interests, they would want to - high mobility is at the request of the construction site. In order to adapt to different reasons, for mobile excavator in different tire traction mode is available. Compared to the disadvantages, the crawler is not stable, not really can through the mud. But the used wheeled excavators is much cheaper than other type of excavators. So if have a tied budget on your hand and no much higher demand of the excavators, this kind of used wheeled excavators will be a good choose.

4.Used Midi excavators
This type of excavator range 8 and 15 tons of heavy work. In addition, a MIDI excavator can be tracked or wheeled excavator and the information application.

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