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Maybe You can Replace the Excavator Bucket Yourself

Tags: second hand mini excavators for sale used cat excavator2013-12-11

Excavator bucket is one of the most frequent usage parts of the used excavator when it is at work; excavator bucket is also the fastest wear parts. So, it often needs to be replaced especially for used excavators. The replacement of the digging bucket is a technical work. Operators can only finish this work without causing damage to the machine and persons nearby by paying attention to many matters. Excavator bucket is connected with connecting rod by bucket rod pin and link pin. Bucket replacement is actually the process of dismantle bucket rod pin and link pin, remove the original bucket and then connect the new bucket with bucket rod pin and link pin.

Specific steps are as follows:

1. Lower the digging bucket to a flat surface. In this process, try to make the bucket just contact with the ground. Under this condition, the resistance of removing the pin shift is smallest.

2. Remove the bucket rod pin and connecting rod pin. Dismantle the lock bolt and double nuts of the bucket rod pin and connecting rod pin and then unload them as well as the bucket. In this process, keep in mind that the bucket rod pin and connecting rod pin cannot be contaminated by mud and sand. The seal at the ends of the shaft sleeve cannot be destroyed.

3. Install new digging bucket and other device. Change the position of the arm, align the holes on the arm and the bucket, then cover them with grease and install the bucket rod pin and connecting rod pin. Pin's installation process is on the opposite of the dismantle process. When we are installing the bucket rod pin, we should first install the O-ring and then put the O-ring in the proper slot after inserting the bucket rod pin. However, when we are installing the connecting rod pin, we should first insert the O-ring in an appropriate slut and then put in the connecting rod pin.

4. Install the pin locking bolts and nuts, and cover them with grease. It seems to be very easy to change the digging bucket, but the whole process can be very dangerous. There are precautions that we must remember. When strike the pin with a hammer, lemel may fly into our eyes and lead to serious harm, so we need to wear goggles, helmet and other protective equipment. Place the bucket steadily while removing it. When we are striking the pin with full force, pin may fly out and hurt the surrounding people. Therefore, ensure the safety of those around before blow pin. Pay special attention not to stand under the bucket while removing the bucket. Do not put your hand into the pinhole when you are aligning the hole.

There is another part-the used track excavators, which is also very important for the excavator. It has always been a difficulty for excavator boss and maintenance master, not to mention an ordinary operator. So, if you want to change the track, ask for the help of a professional maintenance master.

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