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Tips on Choosing Used Volvo Excavator

Tags: used volvo excavators for sale used excavators for sale in us2013-12-11

Volvo used excavator always adheres to the “ quality, safety and environment protection” of the core values, and makes the conception into the product research and development, business management, personnel training, channel construction and other aspects.

Volvo diesel engine is a low emission with superior performance and fuel economy. This engine adopts precise high-pressure injector and electronic engine control. It optimizes the machine of performance. The hydraulic system matches perfect with the high reliability of engine and is easy to operate. Turbo-charged four stroke diesel engines of Volvo used excavator is with water-cooled as the electric field, which is equipped with a charge air cooler in line with the EU Step II and EPA Tier II emission standard. This engine is for development and possesses the advantages of high fuel economy, low noise and long service life, etc.

Volvo used excavator has high capacity and proper protection of electrical system. The electrical system is including engine staring system, charging system, machine monitoring system, engine control system and air conditioning system. Waterproof double lock wire is used to ensure no corrosion. Engine condition could make use of VECU (vehicle electronic control module) in EMS (engine management module) to check the data communication. IECU electronic control unit is including central warning lights, two analog instrument, MCD (information center screen) and four buttons. It is installed in driving door to display information to an operator.

Volvo used excavator has a lower arm and mining speed. Its speed coordination is good. It possesses soft flexible control system and rotary speed. Its efficiency is higher by 5% compared with the tonnage excavator. When it comes to the hydraulic system, which is also known as the automatic sensing module, it is with high productivity and high mining capacity and high control precision and excellent fuel economy and design.

No matter how hard the working condition used Volvo excavators will ensure the bet performance, superior operator comfort and maximum production efficiency. It is easier to maintain and check. It has the most advanced maintenance system. It is easy to replace diesel oil filter and hydraulic filter because all these designs are installed on hydraulic pump trunk. Besides, low noise, low vibration and line with the ergonomics design are easy to handle any homework. There are a heating ventilation system and a window to the fog function in the driving room. Air conditioning can be used as optional equipment. There are two emergency exits in the door and window in the cabin.

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