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Are You Familiar with the Working Principle of Hitachi Excavator?

Tags: used hitachi excavators for sale new like used excavator2013-12-10

Hitachi excavator is affiliated with Japanese Hitachi, under the joint effort of itself and its subsidiary (Hitachi machine group), depends on its rich experience and many of the advanced technology. They develop and produce first-class construction machinery. Hitachi second-hand excavator holds a large market in china.

However, used excavator can not work as perfectly as a new one, the function is still very powerful and the work principle is the same. Let us have a deeper understanding.

Let us first figure out the structure of the Hitachi excavator. Excavator is mainly composed of the engine, hydraulic system, working device, walking device and electric control department as well as some other components. Hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, control valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, piping, tanks, etc. Electrical control system includes control board, engine control system, pump control system, all kinds of sensors, solenoid valve, etc.

Hydraulic excavator is generally composed of working device, rotary device and walking device. According to its structure and applications, it can be divided into caterpillar, tired, walking, full-hydraulic, semi-hydraulic, full rotary, non-full-rotary, general, special, articulated, telescopic jib type and other types.

The working device is the device that can finish the mining tasks directly. It consists of three parts such as movable arm, bucket rod and bucket hinge. The “ups and downs” of the movable, the stretch out and draw back move of the bucket rod as well as the turn of the bucket are all controlled by double-acting hydraulic cylinder. In order to meet the needs of the various construction, hydraulic excavators can be equipped with a variety of work device, such as mining, lifting, loading, level off, clamp, bulldozing, impact hammer and other operation equipment. The rotary and walking device is the body of the hydraulic excavator. The top of the turntable is equipped with power plant and driving system. Engine is the power source of the hydraulic excavator.

The working principle of the used Hitachi excavators: The engine mainly provides the power of the excavator. In addition to maintain its own running, it also needs to output the power to the connected main pump in order to drive the main pump. Next, main pump drive the hydraulic oil to the main control valve and then by the operation of the handle, control the pilot system. Consequently, control each valve position of the main valve to control the on off of various oil channels and finally realize the action of excavator. If the crawler excavator wants to achieve walking, we have to start the engine, and then open the safety solenoid. Turn on the walk switches, the operator will switch on the leading oil way, guide oil way import the hydraulic oil into the motor to drive the driving wheel rotation, so as to realize the walk of excavator. In a word, the excavator has a perfect working principle that can make it work efficiently. Used Hitachi excavator is a very good choice for you if you want to make a fortune from the excavating career.

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