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Introduction to Backhoe Excavator

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What is shown in the picture is a typical backhoe excavator. Used excavator is divided into two different types. One is called face-shovel excavator, the other is called backhoe excavator. The action of the Face shovel excavator is shoveling, a bit like loader, cannot dig ditches. Face–shovel excavator seems to be used more on mine and the digging bucket of the face-shovel excavator is bigger than the backhoe excavator's. The action of the backhoe excavator is digging, it can trench down. Usually what we see are backhoe excavators that have many function and are used more widely. A backhoe used excavator, which may also be called a backhoe loader, is a piece of heavy machinery that has an enclosed cabin where the operator sits. A shovel or bucket attachment is added to the front. This part of the machine is known as the front loader and is used for moving material, such as debris or dirt, from one place to another. The basic operating modes of the backhoe excavator are gully end digging, trench side digging, straight line excavating, curve excavating, and excavation with a certain angle, ultra deep groove excavation and ditch slope excavation.

Gully end digging
Excavator begin excavating from one end of the groove, and then backward mine along the groove of the centerline, dump truck parks at the side of the groove, mining mechanical arm and bucket turn 40 ° to 45 ° to discharge. If the groove width for excavator is twice as broad as the maximum rotation radius, then dump trucks could be stopped by the excavator. Movable arm and bucket have to turn 90 ° before discharging. If the groove is wide, we can segment.

Trench side digging
Different from the gully end digging, trench side digging, dump truck parks in the groove end while the excavator park at the side of the groove. Movable arm and rotary bucket can discharge less than 90°. The working circulation time of trench side digging is short and high in efficiency but the excavator always run along the ditch side. Therefore, the trench slope that has been dug is big.

Straight line excavating
When the groove width is the same with the bucket, the excavator can be located on the centerline and then dig a straight line from the front. Dig into the required depth and then draw back the excavator, until the whole work is finished. With this method, excavator moves fast when it is digging a shallow, otherwise it's slow. However, both of this can meet the demand.

Curve excavating
When digging a curve groove, it can be completed by available short straight successively. In order to make the groove profile have smooth curve, operators need to make the centerline of the excavator deflect slight outwards and the excavator move back slowly at the same time.

Excavation with a certain angle
This method is usually used for laying pipeline trench excavation. In most cases, excavator keeps a certain angle with the groove and the curve part is very small.

Ultra deep groove excavation
When you need to mine the groove with large area and big depth, you can adopt hierarchical mining method or backbone double machine joint operation.

Ditch slope excavation
With this ditch method, the excavator is located at the side of the groove. It's better to excavate with adjustable extended arm, so that the ditch slope do not need to make any modification.

Second-hand backhoe excavator in the secondary market is also very common. Therefore, if you need, you can seek the second-hand backhoe excavator.

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