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How to Buy Used Excavators

Tags: used Hitachi excavator low price used excavator2013-12-04

There are a good variety of excavators! Prices are not the same, medium and small digging machine-made and imported as well, these are not the same. There are many kinds of second-hand excavator brand. Do you know how to buy used excavator? Foreign brands have komatsu, doosan, Hitachi, hyundai, god steel, etc. The independent brand three one, Liugong, Yuchai, Foton Lovol, Sunward Intelligent. So first of all to carefully choose models and brands.

There is wide application of used excavator. It is not only used in mining industry, but also used in construction piling or lying pipes. You are advised to check the bucket of excavator to ensure the proper work or function of pilling, crushing and walking devices. There is an important part of the bucket cylinder connecting pin, bushing, be sure to check the tightness of these places. Many problems are due to lack of maintenance and inspection generated.

Based on the following four factors can be roughly determined by the size of the optional excavator specifications, quantity, structure and equipped with a working device: firstly, the scale of the project. Secondly, engineering support case. Thirdly, the existing funding. Fourthly, the operating conditions and the mobility of construction.

Based on the following three factors may determine the specific type and optional excavator manufacturers. Firstly, performance and reliability of the machine itself and durability. Secondly, Work driver comfort, safety factors. Thirdly, Manufacturers and service reputation survey perfection.

To buy used excavator should pay attention to the following matters. Car foot chain plate thickness can also be used much want to change a lot of money. There is no force best total cylinder pressure on the ground when the arm can lift the front of the car. Check before driving operation. After starting the engine warm-up, tilt the machine to make it stand alone on one side of the track, followed by rotation for standing on both sides of the track. Note that in 30 seconds or 60 seconds to complete such an operation many times, and then compared with the other track. In general to see what you do engineering. So it must be combined with their own thinking of buying second-hand excavator.

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